Todd Matthews: Kashmir, the Double Bass, Live Looping Performance

Bassist Todd Matthews gets the Led out with his unique double bass arrangement of Led Zeppelin’s tune “Kashmir.”

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  1. fStar

    Great Job!!

  2. Well done! One of my all time favorite Zeppelin tunes.

  3. a way high element of coolness. Great Job!!!

  4. Clifton

    WOW!!! I’m a Led Zeppelin fan and I just Love what you have done with this tune-Kashmir. I almost started singing the words!! Beautiful!! Awesome work on the Acoustic Bass and using your looping pedals.

  5. Ted Berger just blew my mind, nice job man!

  6. I’ve been wanting to learn how to use a looper for a while. This just makes me want to know that much more! Thank you for the awesome!

  7. This is so rad, I think I have the same pickup. Will it affect my sound or tone if I didn’t install the pickup that way? I carved a piece of cork to fit in one of the holes in the bridge and stuck the pickup in a skinny hole on the top of the cork. Sweet cover my friend!