Victor Wooten Offers Remastered “Me & My Bass Guitar” as Free Download

Victor Wooten As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Victor Wooten has launched his own record label, VIX Records. His first release is A Show of Hands-15, a remastered version of his solo debut album from 15 years ago.

Vic has just announced his iconic track, “Me & My Bass Guitar” is being offered in its remastered form as a free download (320kpbs MP3).

Pre-orders for A Show of Hands-15 will begin on February 9th, with the official release date set for March 8, 2011.

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  1. Cliff H

    Thank you very much for telling us about this and thank you very much Victor for releasing this as a free download! After having my original copy of A Show of Hands stolen about 14 years ago it will be nice to have the remastered copy which, judging by this download, is MUCH clearer than the original. Excellent job!!!