The Who: “The Real Me” Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Get ready for 5-plus minutes of John Entwistle greatness.

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  1. Greg Atkin

    He should be No. 1.

  2. Even the Daltrey fans are wondering why 40% of the video is Daltrey singing. Gets better half way through, but you can hear the director saying “I’m waiting for a windmill… just show the singer until we get a windmill”. OK, I’ll quit complaining – it’s better Entwistle content than most even if he was 75% of this song.

  3. Nice drummer too.

  4. I’d like to hearThe Ox’s bass isolated on this song. Awsome

  5. John Entwistle,, a man of righteous excess,,, too bad it’s the same thing that killed him. When I was a kid one of the biggest bass lessons I ever had was his playing on “Live at Leeds’,,,, of course I pissed off every guitar player I came in contact with when I insisted on using that style,, next thing that got me in trouble was when I thought that every song had to sound like Chris Squire,,,,,, ahhh those were the days!

  6. Rebecca M. McLeod

    Good jam!

  7. The story goes that while daltrey and Townshend were in the mixing room listening back to their parts, the ox was in the studio just fooling around on his axe, and when Townshend heard what John did he said
    “KEEP THAT TRACK”…The rest is history.