Stanley Clarke, Stu Hamm, Bunny Brunel, Billy Sheehan, Flea, Alex Al, Brian Bromberg, Jimmy Johnson, Wayman Tisdale and Marcus Miller: “School Days” Live

Stanley Clarke’s 2002 concert performance at Musicians Institute in Hollywood closed with a bang, with a stage full of bassists performing Clarke’s “School Days” for the audience. Clarke is joined by Stu Hamm, Bunny Brunel, Billy Sheehan, Flea, Alex Al, Brian Bromberg, Jimmy Johnson, Wayman Tisdale and Marcus Miller, and most take a solo.

The entire concert was released as Night School: An Evening With Stanley Clarke & Friends.

School Days Live – Part 1:

School Days Live – Part 2:

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  1. Zero Scavenger

    Oh lordy lordy lordy. I’ve found yet more inspiration on All Treble, No Bass yet again. :D

  2. speechless, just speechless…….

  3. Rich Glass

    Check out the cats when Jimmy Johnson starts blowin’…

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Flea is overrated? I mean he’s good, but in this crowd…no contest.

    • he, like these men, are on the mt olympus of bass. he has every right to be in there

    • I think Flea was thinking the same thing. I think maybe he was a bit overwhelmed to be around by all these awesome bassists, cause he can definitely do a lot more than he did here. Obviously Stanley doesn’t think he’s overrated, though. Are you gonna argue with Stanley Clarke? :P

    • Woah, hey, I’m not knocking him! He’s better than I’ll ever hope to be! I’m just saying how many top ten lists have you seen with Flea up at the top and none of these other bassists anywhere on the list?

    • Respectfully disagree – as amazing as all the other players are, when their time came to solo most of them (not all!) were more about pulling out every chop they possessed rather than crafting a smooth lead that kept the groove going. I think Flea was one of the few that attempted a bit more melody in his solo.

    • Flea actually played really well I thought, regardless, he is definitely not THE BEST EVER like his teenage fans proclaim

    • David Flea’s genre of music maybe different but, to me I think his musicianship is underrated, Flea be a bad boy! On this stage he appears (by his expression and demeanor) to be out of his element, because of the style of music he plays with the Chili peps is so different but he held his own during his solo. And I’m not a big Chili pep fan, but as a fellow bassist to me Flea put it down.

      But I see where your coming from him being in their waters, Sheehan, Clarke, Hamm, and Jimmy Johnson ( if I could kidnap them and hold hostage, they ain’t leaving the room until I can play like them. So I hope they brought some family pics in their wallets of the wife and kids cause we gonna be a while (lol)

  5. I try and not a make judgments. It makes for a two dimensional world-good/bad/black/white…

    • Yeah I know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t knocking Flea at all, I think he’s really good. I’m just currently surrounded by people who think the Chili Peppers are the greatest band to do anything ever, and I’m just kind of sick of it. I do still like the Chili Peppers, but there are more people out there, you know?

  6. They are all incredible talents, Billy Sheehan stood out for me but that’s just a personal choice, thanks for posting this.

  7. with this much bass action from all the greats (i mean from all the greats) how can you not like this.WOW!

  8. Is that Stewart Copeland on drums!

  9. I would give anything to have Stanley Clarke raise his glasses to look at me like he did with Billy Sheehan. :P

  10. Wayman Tisdale rockin’ out (miss you, brother) and Brian Bromberg shredding on the piccolo bass.

  11. This was fantastic. I don’t think it’s a question of who shouldn’t be on that stage, but notable absences should include Victor Wooten and Les Claypool though.Yeah Les may be a bit out there, but he IS very good. As bass players we should all work to achieving the recognition that these Icons have achieved, sure it may just be a hyper-optimistic viewpoint, but without goals, what else is there to live for? I for one try very hard to make every day better than yesterday and try to top tomorrow before it comes. :) I think all of these guys would agree, and that’s how they got to the status they now enjoy.

  12. Dear God
    What i wouldn’t give just to play on that stage!

  13. al min 2 del II video c’è uno che suona l’ukulele.

  14. This was a video I never expected I’d see – a lot of bass legends all together on one stage jamming.

    Have to say, though, as impressive as they all are, some of them – not all of them, but some of them – simply pulled out as much chops as they could display within their allotted solo spot (I will not name names). While their technique was undoubtedly amazing – I didn’t feel it added anything to the music.

    I guess if you’re on stage with a lot of other big name bass players, you want to impress them.

    But hey, they are the music professionals, so who am I to say?

  15. So much talent..and the “music” is just terrible.

  16. WOOOW! Absolutely Awesome! If you’re a bass guitar lover how can you not love this.