Rotosound Introduces new Multi-Purpose Digital Tuners

Rotosound Clip-on Tuner (AT350)Rotosound has two new tuners on the market, designed for stringed instruments. Each of the tuners works by clipping the unit to the instrument.

The Clip-On Tuner (AT350) offers chromatic, bass, guitar, violin and viola tunings, with a detection range of A0 (27.5Hz) to C8(4186.0Hz), a pitch range of 430Hz to 450Hz (1Hz stops), and a detection accuracy of ± 0.5%. The tuner has a suggested retail price of $19.95.

Rotosound Clip-on Metronome Tuner (AMT530)The Clip-On Metronome tuner (AMT530) offers a built in metronome option, with tempo ranges of 30 bpm to 260 bpm. The metronome tuner retails for $21.95.

For more, visit Rotosound’s website.

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