New Steve Harris Book Released

Steve Harris - The ClairvoyantA new book, entitled Steve Harris – The Clairvoyant, has been released in part by, one of the largest Iron Maiden fan sites. Written by Stipe Juras, the book tells the bassist’s story through interviews with his friends and acquaintances, but it’s not a traditional biography.

“This is the story of Steve Harris, bass player and founder of Iron Maiden, told from memories and anecdotes of his fans, friends, associates and family, a warm and intriguing story of a man who boldly followed his vision,” the book’s website explains. “It isn’t a biography in the classical sense; it doesn’t follow Steve’s life chronologically, it’s more of an account about him from the perspectives of all the interviewees.”

A special hardcover “NOTB” edition of the book is available, limited to 611 copies. Including the now sold out birthday edition, that makes 666 copies. Steve Harris- The Clairvoyant is available now from the author’s website.

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  1. steve harris and i share quite a few things. love of fender p basses is just one of many. buy this book and don’t gve me crap about my name!