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David Ellefson Talks On Next Megadeth Album

David EllefsonIn an interview with, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson commented on the group’s as yet untitled follow-up to 2009’s Endgame.

“We are working on it now so it’s a bit early to encapsulate what the final will ultimately sound like,” Ellefson explained. “I think we know the punch and impact we want it to have but also not be afraid to let new ideas develop, too. Just know it will be heavy, hooky, and have the trademarks you’d come to expect from us.”

When asked about a release timeframe, the bassist explained the group won’t allow scheduling to affect the quality of the record. “I know the business side want to lock in schedules for release but sometimes you can’t contain a creative process AND a schedule. It just needs to flow. For us, the scheduling is second to making a great record. It will be done when it’s done.”

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