Pigtronix Introduces Tremvelope

Pigtronix TremvelopePigtronix has released the Tremvelope, an effects pedal that combines a tremolo pedal with a filter to allow you to control the effects with the dynamics of your playing. With the envelope switch off, the pedal acts as an optical tremolo featuring stereo panning outputs, sine and sawtooth waveforms, and speed and depth controls. There are also a couple of expression pedal inputs for foot control of the speed and volume/pan.

When the envelope is activated, the tremolo is controlled by your playing. The Speed and Depth can increase or decrease independently according to your instrument’s signal strength, via the Speed and Depth switches. The amount of dynamic change required to change the effect is controlled by the Sensitivity knob, and the Acceleration switch determines how quickly the tremolo responds to the change. Pigtronix also threw in a Trigger input for syncing the tremolo up with an external signal.

The Pigtronix Tremvelope runs on an included 18V power supply and is available now with a street price of $249.00. For more details, visit the Pigtronix website.

Pigtronix Tremvelope Specs:

  • Sine and Sawtooth Wave Options
  • Mono or Stereo with Panning Output
  • Switchable Envelope Control for LFO
  • Variable Envelope Sensitivity and Acceleration
  • Speed and Depth increase or decrease independently
  • Trigger input for clean signal direct to Envelope and Beat Sync
  • Expression Pedal inputs for Speed and Vol / Pan
  • Pigtronix 18VDC power supply included
  • High Fidelity Analog Optical circuit

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