Pigtronix Introduces the Echolution 3 Pedal

Pigtronix Echolution 3 Pedal

Pigtronix has unveiled the third iteration of their popular delay unit, the Echolution. Version three is a multi-tap stereo modulation delay that the company says offers a myriad of sound design options: reverse, jump, pong, modulation tempo sync, variable low pass filter, flexible signal routing, and comprehensive MIDI control.

The Echolution 3 has delay times ranging from 100ms to 5 seconds. The time can be set with the Time knob or the Tap Tempo switch. A second delay tap can also be set to the same length as the main delay or a fraction.

“The ¾ fraction creates a dotted eighth note delay, while the Golden fraction uses the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio (.382) as the multiplier for the second tap,” Pigtronix explains. “The multi-tap settings can be even further enhanced by the stereo ping pong effect, which causes the different delay taps to switch sides on each repeat. Store up to 4 presets, unlock hidden features with the Universal Remote footswitch, and design yet unheard delay lines.”

Get the full rundown in the company’s official demo:

The Pigtronix Echolution 3 is available now for $299.

Pigtronix Echolution 3 Pedal Features:

Tap Tempo
Time, Mix, Repeats, Mod Knob
Four Presets
Special FX: Reverse, Pong, Jump
Power: 9VDC
Stereo I/O, Remote Footswitch Jack
USB Port

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