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On-Stage Stands Unveils ProGrip II Stand

On-Stage ProGrip II StandOn-Stage Stands has introduced the GS8200 II Hang-It Guitar Stand, a stand that allows instruments to hang from the headstock, rather than sit in a cradle. When a bass is put on the stand, the weight of it closes padded gates to lock the headstock in place. Unique to the GS8200 is the addition of spring-loaded gates, so the system opens up simply by lifting the instrument. It also includes a purple designer cam locking mid-point clutch and reinforced leg housing.

The On-Stage Stands GS8200 II Hang-It Stand has a street price of $31.95.

ProGrip II Stand Specs:

  • Supports up to 40 lbs
  • Spring loaded padded gates
  • Soft Velveteen Rubber lining
  • Suitable for any bass, guitar, or banjo

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This is a great idea, and a great looking stand. But it is neither a new or unique idea. I’ve owned several Hercules stands for years.
See for a comparison