Simon Fitzpatrick: “Bohemian Rhapsody” for Solo Bass

Carl Palmer Band bassist Simon Fitzpatrick performs an all-bass version of the classic Queen tune, “Bohemian Rhapsody” in this video.

This was filmed at the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas, during the band’s 2010 tour.

Thanks to Alun Vaughan, who shared this video with us.

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  1. Chad Grant

    DUDE!!!!!! THAT was A W E S O M E!!!!!!!

  2. Patrick James McKenna

    As a professional musician whose primary instrument is electric bass, I consider myself very qualified to comment and criticize.
    Simon Fitzpatrick’s playing is amazing. He takes the instrument to it’s limits and then exceeds them and then continues to exceed those limits that only he has been able to attain.
    Those are my comments.
    As for any criticism, there must be someone out there who is qualified to criticize Mr.Fitzpatrick’s approach, technique and overall playing.
    That someone is not me!

  3. Mark

    Holy schnykees, Batman!!!!!

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  5. Clifton

    That was Excellent!!!

  6. Thanks for just totally destroying my bass playing self-image. Seriously, though, that was an incredible display and really does wonders for promoting the image of bass players as a whole. Too often the lower end is ignored for the more flashy work of the lead guitarist — this proves there is much more possible within a bass context. Great job and keep it up! I’ll be stopping back often for a shot in the arm!

  7. Voytek

    dear me! time to stop playing the bass and start to grow beetroots. If people can play this way, after almost 30 years I am still in the bass nursery school…

  8. Sarah

    This was fantastic!

  9. Tim Maher

    That was KILLER!

  10. Buenísimo, un crack!!

  11. Could we expect anything less from someone who works with Carl Palmer? Totally awesome, and FUN!

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