Stuart Clayton: Nothing Else Matters – Solo Bass Arrangement

Stuart Clayton offers his take on Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”, performed as a solo bass arrangement.

Stuart wanted to include the tune in his Solo Arrangements for Electric Bass book, but couldn’t secure the copyright permission in time.

For those who feel up for the challenge, Stuart has posted the sheet music and MP3 on his Bassline Publishing website.

(Dig the poster behind Stuart!)

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  1. Antoine

    Incredible and butiful…

  2. Mike Young

    I also dig that autographed Jaydee on the wall.

  3. featherlight

    I wish to play it with you with my guitar, you’re a perfect bassguitarist and it would be an honor for me to play with you live, i am playing with you only over internet so far, but thank you :)

  4. John MacLeod

    Absolutely amazing.

  5. Pablo Giuffrida

    guys like this have the bass attached to their body, soul and mind. Fucking awesome

  6. Wayne Walker

    hmmm… pardon me while I burn all my basses….

  7. Very nice cover… love Zon basses for this kind of thing…

  8. *completely loses self-confidence*.

  9. Freakin amazing, Player.

  10. really loving your flow on this one… inspirational!

  11. Bravo! Bellisimo!

  12. Love the JayDee in the background. I recognize it from Talkbass.

  13. impressive indeed

  14. Awesome!

    Is there any link to the sheet music left?

    • Paramalingam

      Yes, Serge. Just go to Stuart Clayton’s website Bassline Publishing and open an account. Then you get the free stuff, which includes the Nothing Else Matters tab. And while you are there, do check out Stuart’s awesome bass books. (I am in no way affiliated to the company, by the way. I am far away in Malaysia).

  15. I’ll just go ahead and burn my guitars while offering an apology to the music gods now. LOL

  16. Jose

    que gran talento , 100% envidia de la buena