Warwick Introduces BC Combo Series

Warwick BC300 Combo AmpWarwick has introduced the BC Combo series, a 5-model line ranging in strength from 20 to 300 watts. The company explains the new combos are good for when you need to be heard, but not “bend people’s eardrums.”

The pinnacle of the series is the BC300, a 300-watt amp combined with a 15” driver and 4” HF horn. The combo has the most features of the bunch, including an adjustable compressor, 10-band EQ section, and bass and treble controls. It also has a front facing aux input, headphone output, an FX loop, and a line out with a ground lift. The whole package weighs in at 62 lbs and has a list price of $1,049.99.

The BC150 puts out 150 watts with the same driver configuration. The features are the same except the EQ section, as the 150 has 3-band EQ with a sweepable mid. It weighs 55 lbs and carries a price of $749.99.

The BC80 is next in line, being very similar to the BC300 and BC150, though it has a 12” driver and 2” HF horn that push out 80-watts. The tone section is changed to a 4-band EQ. It weighs in at 46.2 lbs and lists for $449.99.

The BC40 and BC20 have 10, and 8-inch drivers respectively, though both feature a 2” HF horn. The compressors on these models are automatic instead of adjustable. They have a 3-band EQ, aux input, and headphone outputs. The BC40 weighs 35 lbs, where the BC20 comes in at 19.8 lbs. They are priced at $299.99 and $179.99.

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  1. I’ve got BC80 and its just simply amazing.