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Trace Elliot Unveils ELF Combo Bass Amp Series

Trace Elliot shocked the bass world three years ago with the introduction of the ELF ultra-compact bass amp, which dishes out 200 watts while weighing just 1.6 pounds. Now they’ve grown the ELF into a combo series, as well.


Phil Jones Bass Introduces the Bass Cub II Combo Amp

Phil Jones Bass has announced the BG-110, aka the Bass Cub II, which builds upon their Bass Cub comb amp. Rated at 110 watts, the combo amp is fitted with two of the company’s five-inch drivers in a “‘shoebox’ size package.”


Gallien-Krueger Now Shipping the Legacy Combo Series

After launching the Legacy Series Amps earlier this year, Gallien-Krueger has fitted the technology into a new line of combo amplifiers. The GK Legacy Series Combos pack the same preamp with an 800-watt power amp into 1×12, 1×15, 2×10, 2×12, and 4×10 configurations.


Genzler Amplification Introduces the “High Boy” Magellan 350 Combo

Genzler Amplification has expanded their lineup of amps with the “High-Boy” Magellan 350 Combo, which features their existing MG-350 Magellan head with a brand new cabinet. The MG-12T-V is a vertically designed 1×12? with a compression tweeter cabinet.


Acoustic Amplification Adds B300C and B600C to Bass Combo Lineup

Acoustic Amplification has unveiled two new models with their C-Series: the B300C and the B600C bass combo amplifiers. Both models are built with class-D power sections for strong output power while maintaining a reasonable weight. The 300-watt B300C is fitted with a 15-inch ferrite speaker matched with a piezo horn tweeter, while the B600C bumps things up to 600 watts...


Acoustic Amplification Introduce Classic Series Bass Combos, Cabinet

Acoustic Amplifiers has introduced the Classic Series of bass combos, which the company says combines “vintage vibe with modern features.” The lineup includes three models: the B25C, the B50C, and the B100C. Common features on the units are a tilt-back cabinet design, a re-engineered EQ section, a blendable overdrive, a 1/8-inch headphone output, and a 1/8-inch aux input. The series...

Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Gallien-Krueger MB410 Bass Combo Amplifier

Gallien-Krueger’s latest line of combo amps, the MB combo series, has all the GK tone and power you’d expect from GK and some features that will really appeal to the “plug and play” musician. The 500 watt GK MB410 is relatively light weight at 49 lbs and has a streamlined black box presence. All controls are on the top and...


Ashdown Engineering Unveils AAA EVO Bass Amplification Series

Ashdown’s AAA combo amps have evolved. Introduced at the Winter NAMM show, the AAA EVO collection includes four combo amps as well as a 1×15″ cabinet. Each of the combos comes with the company’s App Tek socket, allowing bassists to access amp simulators, effects, and other apps from their smartphones. Other common features include a Line In, a headphone jack,...


Acoustic Amplification Introduces Class-D/Neo Series

Acoustic Amplification has introduced a new series of Class-D/Neo bass amplifiers including heads, cabinets, and combo amps. The new models are approximately 40 percent lighter than the company’s previous models. New head units include the B300HD, B600HD, and the B1000HD. Common controls on each head are a blendable overdrive circuit, an Acousti-Comp compression, a Notch filter with frequency control, an...


Hevos Introduces 2×6 Combo Bass Amp

Hevos has introduced the 2×6, a compact bass combo amp fitted with a pair of 6″ loudspeakers. It utilizes the company’s 400C amplifier, which includes a Class-D power amp rated at 400 watts. Features include two separate inputs, a mute for tuning, -6dB pad and a phase switch the company says is great for double basses with two pickups. The...


Phil Jones Bass Introduces Double Four Micro Combo Bass Amps

Phil Jones Bass has introduced the Double Four, a new 70-watt combo micro-amp that is roughly the size of a shoebox. Sporting a pair of Neo Power 4-inch drivers, the Double Four features a new driver design, acoustic loading, and separate PWM amplifiers for each speaker. The backs of the speakers are loaded with a Rectangular Auxiliary Low Freqency Radiator...


Eden Electronics Introduces E-Series Combo Amps

Eden Electronics introduced their new E-Series of combo bass amps at NAMM this year. Ranging from 20 watts to 180 watts, the six new models are aimed at beginners and up with features to aid practice and performance. Each of the amps is built with Eden’s proprietary enhance EQ control, a custom Eden designed speaker enclosure, heavy duty carpet covering,...