Rare Live Cliff Burton Solo (1986)

The Metal Den has just posted a Youtube clip including audio of Cliff Burton’s bass solo from a Metallica concert at the Coliseum Ballroom in Davenport, Iowa on May 30, 1986.

The solo is part improv, with Burton adding the themes from the Kill ‘Em All track, “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth.” Hailed as one of the greatest bassists of all time, Burton died in a bus accident months after this recording was made.

The clip begins with some enthusiastic but colorful language from singer James Hetfield, so sensitive ears beware.

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  1. Andre Follot

    Pretty cool! But definitely a bass *GUITAR* solo. Never got a chance to see him perform…died way too young.

  2. why you say bass GUITAR? is a bass

  3. i dont know why you think that guitar is better than bass so you put bass guitar, so I will say guitar BASS

  4. Nuno M

    Cliff had classical piano and cello formation. I don’t think he even composed on a bass and most of his contributions for Metallica included both guitar and bass parts.

    Also that argument is retarded. It’s still a GUITAR in the literal definition of the word. It’s called a Bass because it has different tonality, etc.

  5. The main reason why I play bass.

  6. One of the best Cliff solos I have ever heard.

  7. “Hailed” is incorrect, he “Is” one of the greatest bassists of all time!

  8. Yawn. Outdated. I’ve grown up and away from this garbage. Was into it for a few minutes in 1986. Got old quick. Jazz bass solos are where it’s at. Check out Yanni’s bassist on Yanni Live at the Acropolis, Ric Fierabracci. Now he tears my face off 20 years later! Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=qNgFFWeX4OU#t=276

    • anon

      “I feel superior and better with myself bashing talented musicians because they don’t play what I like”
      That’s what you sound like

    • James Scott

      Fabio called he wanted his look back.

    • DJ

      So, stylistically different, but technically equal. Aside from trying to show another bassists solo as a conversation starter? I’m not sure why you posted or commented. But, Cliff killed it. Great example and one of the best I’ve heard. I will listen again

    • Black Dave

      Jazz solos? YAWN

    • John Morgan

      ….and you are?

    • Umm….why is the link you posted such utter technical rubbish then? Honestly, dude, get a grip. “Jazz bass solos are where it’s at “……errr….how about ‘open to all honest and unique interpretations of soulful music.” Now that’s where I’m at, and from the look of this comments section so are most of the rest of us. Join the party Johnee!


    • ? ?

      I just hope you’re more accomplished than Cliff Burton. ;-)


    Just boring. Horrible tone too. Gotta one of the most overrated bassists of all time.

  10. Mike Matthews

    Cliff was so cool, and quite funny. His style was unique. His tone and use of effects was pretty unheard of back in the day. He left this world way too young. RIP my brotha-o-bass!

    • ^^^^ perfect answer! exactly how I feel about Cliff. Long summer sights just watching Cliff Em All, playing along best I could to everything before Justice @ age 14 or so.

  11. He inspired me to play bass , so sad he died way too young… really… too young.