Kala Announces Solid Body U-Bass

Kala Brand Music Co. has released a solid body version of their U-Bass. Though the original model was a bass-version of a ukulele, the Solid Body U-Bass takes a step to more closely resemble a bass guitar. Featuring a 21” scale, the bass is available in 4 and 5-string versions and fretted or fretless. It utilizes Kala’s proprietary polyurethane strings, which the company says enhances the bottom end.

Kala Solid Body U-Bass

The electronics include a Mi Si Align Active Preamp system, which features battery-free technology. The preamp charges in 60 seconds to produce power for up to 8 hours of playing time. Other features include custom Hipshot Tuners and a Graph-Tech Black TUSQ Self-Lubricating Nut.

The Kala Solid Body U-Bass is expected to begin production this Spring with a price point around $1000. For more, visit Kala’s website.

Kala Solid Body U-Bass Specs:

  • Solid Mahogany Body
  • 4 or 5-string
  • Fretless option
  • Mi-Si Align Active Preamp System
  • Battery-free
  • Custom Hipshot Tuners
  • Graph-Tech Black TUSQ Self-lubricating Nut
  • Propietary Polyurethane Strings
  • Deluxe Gig Bag Included
  • Made in California
  • Meets Airline Carry-on Requirements

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  1. Clifton

    Now that, is something that you do not see every day! KOOL!!!!

  2. Ryan

    Ahh, unbearable tuning issues!

  3. Is that suppose to be a portable bass I hope.