Melvin Lee Davis Releases “Genre: Music”

Melvin Lee Davis: Genre: MusicMelvin Lee Davis has released Genre: Music, an album that stands to defy singular musical styles.

The bassist, who also produced the record, enlisted the help of many of his friends, including drummer Ron Bruner, Jr., Lakin, Oscar Seaton, Jesse Milliner, Jeff Babko and more.

As the title suggests, the 14 tracks are a unique blend of styles that the bassist wants to be heard as simply “music,” though Davis lists his favorite genres “as labeled by the music industry” as gospel, blues, jazz, contemporary jazz, R&B, pop, soul/funk, and hip hop. He has worked with artists ranging from Chaka Khan to Robben Ford.

Preview and download Genre: Music:

Genre: Music Track List:

  1. Inner City News (feat. Oscar Seaton)
  2. The Wind Comes (feat. Jesse Milliner)
  3. Just Drive (feat. Lakin)
  4. O.C.O.E. – Official Cat Of The Eighties (feat. Lakin)
  5. Phone Home (feat. Allen Hinds & Derrick James)
  6. Sonrisa (feat. Jesse Milliner)
  7. In All My Wildest Dreams (feat. John Beasley & Gerald Albright)
  8. Another Door Opens (feat. Jeff Kashiwa) *
  9. George Duke (feat. Jesse Milliner & Ron Bruner Jr.)
  10. Love Won’t Wait For Me (feat. Jeff Babko & Ron Bruner Jr.)
  11. Believe In Love (feat. Lakin)
  12. Smile (feat. Gene Moore)
  13. A Pholk Song (feat. Allen Hinds, Mark Stephens &Rogerio Jardim)
  14. Autumn – A Song for Daniella (feat. Mitchel Forman)

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  1. Jacqueline A Fisher

    Melvin Lee Davis Fans in 22 Hours you can see him Live with some very Special Friends at Spaghettini, Seal Beach. If you cant make it pick up the New CD “Genre:Music” on iTunes or at!