Iron Maiden: Phantom of the Opera

This has always been one of my personal favorite Iron Maiden songs. This particular clip, taken from their “Live at Rainbow” concert tape, has Steve Harris and the gang in their youthful prime rocking out London.

Harris said the song is “one of the best pieces I’ve ever written, and certainly one of the most enjoyable to play.”

The build-up at 3:19 is about as close to standard rep as there is for metal bass.

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  1. Sergej Vujanovic

    Can’t get better than this!
    Oh yes u can, with Bruce!

  2. this is P-bass o jazz bass that harris uses here?

    • Hey Douglas, It’s a P-bass.

    • Kevin Johnson Thanks! i’ve got a friend who claims it’s a jazz bass =)
      I know that he used to use one, but it’s often P-bass.. thank you for clearing that up..

    • Douglas Yajuris No problem! If you really want to prove it, pause the video at 3:08. :)

    • I know Steve Harris has occasionally used other brands of bass, including an Ibanez Roadster in the videos for “Run To The Hills” and “The Trooper”. But as far as I know, the only Fender bass he’s ever played is a Precision Bass.

  3. Incrible Steve Harris

  4. Das maiden es sprechen ze gooten bass………..YAH!