Luminlay Unveils SGT Series Fluorescent Position Markers

Luminlay SGT4050 Position MarkersLuminlay has introduced the SGT series of luminescent inlay markers to their product line, including the SGT-40 and SGT-50. The new fluorescent markers are designed for the top of fingerboards, where previous incarnations were built as side dots.

Available in green, the SGT-40 and -50 are dot inlays made of a highly luminous material that is charged in seconds by an LED flashlight. The glowing inlays act as an alternative to LED lights installed in the fingerboard, which would require a battery.

Each set includes 12 markers. The Luminlay SGT-40 and SGT-50 sets are available now for JPY 2400 and 2600 respectively, which is roughly $30 and $32 USD. For more info, visit the Luminlay website.

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  1. jackson

    or we could use a glow in the dark felt pen and dab it on out current dots.