Stevie Wonder with Nate Watts: Sir Duke and I Wish, Live

Nate Watts really lays down the groove on this live performance with Stevie Wonder. This is from a French TV show in the mid-90’s.

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  1. kes

    Hi everebody !

    This is a french tv show, during the 90’s, it is called Taratata

    by the way .. any details about this Roland bass ??

  2. Cody Rogers

    I’ve seen this entire performance shown on VH1 Classic in the past, I believe for Black History Month. Pretty cool stuff!

  3. This was recorded live for french TV on march 1995… really good.

  4. Gilles

    Was recorded by France 2 (Taratata) in 95. The original video is here :

  5. Will Cady

    love that low end variation on I Wish!

  6. tis IS amaaazing!!

  7. Robin

    Some more details about the show : Tarata­ta, episode num­ber 83, taped on March 13, 1995 and aired on April 7, 1995. This show had Ste­vie Won­der as main mu­si­cal guest and also fea­tured: Omar, Roach­ford and Sanan­da.

  8. Will Preston

    Man, I was lucky enough to see them do this live back in November. If I had to make a “top 20 moments of my life” list, that’d easily make it on.