Marcelo Giaccardi: Blackbird

Marcelo Giaccardi recorded this version of the Beatles’ classic “Blackbird” on his modified ‘74 Fender Precision.

He also recorded the rest of the instrumentation.

“For the other instruments I used the Elektrik Piano from Native Instruments and the Jazz EZX drums collection from Toontrack, all within Steinberg Cubase 4 platform.”

“I hope you enjoy it,” he wrote. “Beatles Forever.”

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  1. bassface

    please dont sing again..

  2. Jeff

    Nice playing and concept, but everything seems kind of a mess and I have to agree with the other poster – those vocals are pretty awful.

    • Thanks Jeff! is a challenge to play a long scale bass tuned in fifths. I understand what you say about the vocal, in fact I am not a singer … but it is a necessity for me, and everyone can choose not to listen if you do not like. Keep on musicness. MG.

  3. bassface

    btw…are you playing with a pick? man up and use your fingers.

  4. Well done. Nice use of dissidence. Vocals are fine- but an actual mic and mic stand goes a long way! Cheers! And check out The Scuba Cult videos. Keep doing your thang!

    • Hi! I subed to your youtube channel!!!! your “darkglass” video is awesome, very well done. I´m agree about the mic, but for this song I choosed intentionally this one. Keep on musicness. MG.

  5. Ray

    What does plucking preference have to do with testosterone? I don’t get people with their stupid philosophies.

    The playing is fantastic BTW.

    • Thanks Ray! I´m agree with you. In fact I haven´t used a pick… in some way… everyone see what they whant to see, that´s all. Keep on musicness. MG.