Question of the Week: Where are you from?

For the next several Q&A’s, we’re going to ask a single question from our Player Spotlight questionnaire (open to all bassists, by the way).

The question this week: Where are you from?

No Treble is read by bassists all over the world. Who knows, maybe we’ll start some bass meet ups thanks to this.

Answer below in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Kevin

    Monterrey, Mexico

  2. Viola Hansen

    Troms, Norway

  3. Beppe

    San Gwann, Malta

  4. sedomajist

    Izmir, Turkey

  5. Bill Goodwin


  6. jolek

    Budapest, Hungary

  7. Heinz Schenk

    Frankfurt/Main Germany

  8. Guardian


  9. Bill

    New Orleans, LA

  10. Tjeerd

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  11. Buenos Aires, Argentina


  13. Tony


  14. Mike Farley

    Swanage, UK

  15. giuseppe

    Crotone, Italy

  16. Rene'

    Nixon, Texas

  17. Clifton

    Magnolia, Arkansas

  18. MLA

    Newton, Kansas

  19. Rick

    From…Portsmouth, VA….now living in Tuscaloosa, AL.

  20. Gandolfo

    Gangi , Sicily , Italy

  21. David

    Réunion Island, Indian Ocean.

  22. Joaobass

    Atlanta, GA

  23. Greg

    Morgan Hill, California

  24. Derick Polk

    Chicago Illinois

  25. DC Walsh

    Eau Claire, WI now. Originally from Jersey City, NJ. Spent more time in Central CA then evberywhere else combined.

  26. Jon

    Michoacán, México

  27. Hellbound

    Palermo, Sicily, Italy

  28. Michael

    Canterbury, New Zealand

  29. Alejandro Beceera

    Mexico City, Mexico

  30. Zach

    Williamsburg, VA

  31. Bowks

    London, England

  32. AJ A. Conde

    Granada, Spain

  33. Rain

    Brescia, Lombardy, Italy

  34. thedarkoceans

    Forlì,Emilia Romagna,Italy.

  35. Tom Lorenzo

    Staten Island, New York U.S.A.

  36. Elparza

    Salta Capital, Argentina

  37. Wilkes-Barre, PA – USA

  38. Montreal, Canada

  39. MUD

    Ardmore, Oklahoma

  40. Mr. Eko

    Lakota, North Dakota