The Scuba Cult: Salvoed

Here’s a cool video for “Salvoed” by the one-man-band called Scuba Cult. Rocking out on a Wal bass, the track features just bass and a Dr. Rhythm 808 track.

The video on the other hand, features a guy in a big white hat.

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  1. Franco


  2. zeakio sun

    This has been kicking my ass all day, i’ve played like 20 times and it just keeps getting better! This is what it is all about, bass with some more bass and a beat,….and a white ten gallon hat to boot,…really what more can you ask for?

  3. Seb

    F****n’ like it!:)

  4. man what pedal did he use to change the color of his shirt.
    seriously, i like it a lot

  5. Great tune. Good chops and cool modes.

  6. New favorite band! THIS IS WHAT IS GOING DOWN.

  7. Dude in the hat is rad!