Mike Prigodich Releases “A Stitch in Time”, Featuring Damian Erskine

Mike Prigodich: A Stitch in TimeKeyboardist Mike Prigodich has released his debut album, A Stitch in Time, featuring bassist (and No Treble contributor) Damian Erskine. The album’s intriguing melodies, odd time signatures, and ear-bending harmonies make it a stand-out album in the world of fusion.

Prigodich got a wake-up call in 2008 when he was diagnosed with cancer, leading him pursue his dream of being a pro jazz musician.

“This album is a literally a dream come true and something I’ve wanted to do since childhood, but it took the life-changing event of a cancer diagnosis to give me the motivation I needed to make it happen,” he explains. “Like Lance Armstrong winning his first Tour de France, this project became my way to LIVESTRONG. It was a great honor and pleasure to work with these incredible musicians and hear my compositions come to life. I look forward to creating more great music in the years to come.”

Erskine echoes his sentiments. “[Prigodich’s] compositions are all challenging, but very musical, well thought out but not over-composed. They really provide a wonderful launchpad for us all, musically speaking,” he says. “Considering his back-story, it’s even more astounding how quickly this project really got going. He’s quickly made a name for himself here in Portland and the group is only getting stronger, too. Sounds pretty awesome these days!”

Preview and download A Stitch in Time:

A Stitch in Time Track List:

  1. Chaos Theory
  2. Spanish Swordfight (for Adric)
  3. A Measure of Luck
  4. At Sixes and Sevens
  5. Anneka’s Dance (Fantasy and Allusion)
  6. The Wizard of Odd (for Reinhardt Wolfgang Melz)
  7. A Stitch of Time
  8. Coreatown
  9. Wishgul Thinking
  10. Nigel’s Theme (This One Goes to Eleven)
  11. Stevieland

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