Question of the Week: Are you in a band and/or gigging?

Here’s another single question from our Player Spotlight questionnaire (open to all bassists, by the way).

The question this week: Are you in a band and/or gigging?

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  1. Have been performing since I was 16 years old… am still performing regularly and am 58 years old tomorrow !!!

  2. Cal

    I started playing bass guitar almost 4 years ago after bassist and loving the sound of the boom boom boom. It’s the best thing I’ve done with my life since college.

    I do play in a band, The Tunesmiths and we have been gigging about twice a month for the last 8 or 10 months and look to continue that pace into next year.

    We’ve had the honor to open for Grammy nominated acts like Trombone Shorty and Robert Randolph right here in our hometown of Louisville, KY.

    I love my bass guitar.


  3. Scott Walker

    Hey all, To answer the question of the week, yeah, I’m play in a band that gigs on a regular basis in Lawton OK! We are Kill the Messenger and I consider myself lucky to play with a great group of guys!I’ve been playing for about 10 years (I’m 35 years old)and I have had the privilege to play with bands like “Smile Empty Soul” and “Corey Feldman and the Truth Movement” I plan on doing this until I can’t hold my bass anymore.

  4. alexander freeman

    yes I’m pissoff because these groups ain’t doing enough right now I live in the bronx and in 2 bands and both of them ain’t shit because we still not giging and I have bills and a wife and a new apt. One band is bebop jazz and the other is a funk band that band is a having bad luck in getting females vocals and the key board player is missing. the jazz band most of the players works for transit and you know how that goes and they are not taking this job seriously so I have a big ass problem. I also lost my job been hurt on one of my jobs and still looking for work on the regular job and music jobs boy do I have bad luck please help me if you got any solutions I need it bad before I windup quitting and give the instrument up!!

  5. Our project is called Social Club. We´re from Costa Rica we play ska mixed with reggae and jazz.

  6. James

    I am playing two pits right now for a summer musical festival in southern wisconsin.

  7. Ryen Kelly

    Yes i’m in a band we are a 4 piece Experimental Thrash Metal band from west london we’re called “Grievances Aside”. I’m 16 years old (17 on the 31st) I’ve been playing bass for nearly a year now and i’m so glad i started playing bass as i absolutely love it (i was playing guitar before). We’re trying to gig but having very little luck.

  8. LOoking for one In the raliegh durham NC area

  9. Simon

    2 bands. A flamenco-influenced thrash metal type of group, and a good ‘ol prog band.

    A friend of mine are planning on starting a post-rock group consisting of two bassists as well.

  10. I play in 3 bands: An original pop rock band, a heavier classic rock band that’s about half covers, half originals, and a zydeco/cumbia/world music/accordion/dance band. That last one is a blast.

  11. Currently doing the weekend warrior routine around North Carolina in my band Gulley.

  12. i am in 3 bands and none of them are working enuff. so, if u or someone u know needs a great bassist that can play many styles and is willing to travel, call k-dub, keeperodafunk. hear me here: i’m in the atlanta area. contact me via email on the web site.



  13. Tom Lorenzo

    I am in 2 bands: BLOOD FEAST and WITHOUT END both are in the Thrash/Speed Metal genre. I am gigging now extensively.

  14. Yes and yes ! We’re a young trio called In Time Jazz and we play Jazz Fusion, funk, world… Here is our website :

  15. DC Walsh

    Unfortuneately, no. But I am actively looking.

  16. Clayton edwards

    Sure am.

    Ross Brunner Band (Country)
    Spare Parts (Funk/R&B)
    Free Chapel Church praise band

    All good gigs & the country band is gigging a lot lately. I’ve been playing over 13 years now & love every minute of it.

    • Cameron Holley

      Are you the bass player on Free Chapel’s recordings? I’ve played a lot of your stuff if you are. Great work.

  17. I play bass in a classic rock cover band know as “SIX” (yes, because there are six of us in the band – 2 guitars, bass, drums, keys, and a percussionist/harmonica player – we all sing). We cover mostly stuff from the 60s and 70s (lots of Beatles and Rolling Stones), but we do a some stuff from the 80s and 90s as well – we focus mostly on dance/party tunes. None of us (all local friends) are quitting our day jobs over this, but we are having fun!

  18. I have been with a rock/funk/progressive band Brokedown Boozehound for about 2 years now. Been writing, recording and touring downtown NYC clubs in winter and doing outdoor gigs in Westchester and Rockland county, NY in summer. I pursue a transparent sound with little or no fx (flanger, rarely). Currently using an SR505 thru Acoustic BH200 & a 4×10 cab for live shows.

  19. I play bass alongside my twin sister who plays guitar in an all female classic rock cover band called “4D” as in the fourth dimension of music! We play songs from bands like Led Zeppelin, Journey, Aerosmith, and many more! We play at various bars out in Southeast Michigan!

    I have another band with my twin sister in Boston! We are a 4-piece rock band called “Flight of Fire”. We write and perform our own original rock songs. Our songs are very unique and range in various sub-rock genres including heavy blues rock, pop/rock, folk/rock, progressive rock, hard rock, medieval rock, and more!

  20. I am in a band and currently we are looking to go out on tour. Last live show we did was with Slaughter. We do occasional one offs but touring is where it is at!

  21. Yes, in a band & gigging regularly

  22. Mr. Eko

    I play in a metal band from Fargo ND called Chronocide.