Paul McCartney’s “The Family Way” Remastered and Re-Released

Paul McCartney: The Family WayIn 1966, the music of Paul McCartney was featured as a soundtrack to the film, The Family Way, directed by Roy Boulting and starring Hayley Mills. The film’s soundtrack was released in January, 1967, with the title The George Martin Orchestra, The Family Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), and won the Ivor Novello Award the same year. George Martin produced and arranged the score.

Varese Vintage is re-issuing the release this week, following Concord Music’s own reissues of McCartney albums.

While some consider The Family Way as the first solo album by a member of the Beatles, many consider George Harrison’s Wonderwall Music, also a soundtrack, to be the first. Critics cite the name under which each album was released as the deciding factor, since McCartney’s name wasn’t originally applied to the soundtrack he penned.

The new edition is digitally remastered from the original mono master tapes, and features a previously unreleased track, “Theme From The Family Way”.

Preview and download The Family Way:

The Family Way Track List:

  1. Cue 2M1 / 2M4
  2. 5M1 / 11M3
  3. 6M4 / 7M2
  4. 6M2 / 1M2
  5. 10M1 / 6M3 / 4M1 / 1M3 / 1M4
  6. Love In The Open Air (7M3)
  7. 2M5
  8. 1M1
  9. 7M1
  10. 11M1 / 11M2 / 10M3 / 8M1
  11. 12M1
  12. 13M1
  13. 13M2
  14. Theme From The Family Way

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