Christian McBride Unveils Tracks from Upcoming Album

Christian McBride Big Band: The Good FeelingNew tracks from Christian McBride’s upcoming big band record, The Good Feeling are available for streaming. Due September 27th, the album comes as the Christian McBride Big Band’s debut and will feature a mix of standards as well as the bassist’s original tunes arranged for the large ensemble.

McBride fans will revel in the variety of songs picked from throughout his career, including “In a Hurry,” “Brother Mister,” and “Science Fiction.” The Philly-raised bassist hand picked each of the members, taken from many of his smaller groups. The right players also serve as inspiration for the music.

“Once you get the guys that you want, then you can write and arrange accordingly,” McBride said. “I’ve done that with all of my small groups. With the big band material, I had [saxophonist] Steve Wilson in mind for Brother Mister; you’ve got Shake ‘n Blake that I wrote for [saxophonist] Ron Blake. That song actually started out as a duo between he and I but I thought it would work well for big band, so I just took the time to expand it; I just thought that song would be perfect for him. And I’m already hearing material that would be specifically suited for [trombonist] Michael Dease in the future. I think that’s what all the great band leaders have done – write music with the guys that you have in your band in mind. Because you know what will work.”

You can listen to streaming tracks of The Good Feeling from the label’s Soundcloud page.

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