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BassBrites USA Introduces Advanced String Cleaner

BassBrites Advanced String CleanerBassBrites USA has released their BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner, a cleaner made specifically for bass and designed to increase the life of the strings.

Designed by bassist Daryl Weber, the BassBrites are small wipes treated with a special formula that seals and protects the strings from contaminants without harming the fretboard or bass. The company says the cleaner will extend the life by as much as five times.

The key reason for dead strings, Weber explains, is corrosive acid from the bassist’s hands that oxidizes and corrodes the metal – a problem not solved by boiling or soaking strings in alcohol. Wiping down the strings before playing is suggested, to clean and lubricate the strings, while wiping after playing removes the corrosive acids and other buildup.

The BassBrites Advanced String Cleaner comes in canisters of 30 wipes and is available now for $10.99. For more info, visit the BassBrites site.

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Roland Millington

I’ve always used Blitz Cloth, personally. It’s always worked well for me.