Rotosound Introduces Bass String Cleaner

Rotosound BSC1 Bass String CleanerRotosound has introduced a new string cleaner for bass that wraps around the strings for 360 degree cleaning. Designed to fit all 4- and 5-string bass guitars, the BSC1 uses microfiber pads to remove sweat and debris to extend the life of your strings.

The device also cleans the fingerboard at the same time, all without needing a cleaning solution.

The Rotosound Bass String Cleaner is available now for about $19.99. For more, visit the Rotosound website.

Rotosound BSC1 Bass String Cleaner Features:

Rotosound BSC1 Bass String Cleaner device

From the manufacturer:

  • Provides 360-degrees of string cleaning action
  • Revitalises used old strings
  • Extends the life and preserves the tone of bass strings
  • Simultaneously cleans the fretboard
  • Cleanable microfiber pads providing long term, low maintenance use
  • No cleaning solutions necessary
  • Works with all 4- and 5-string bass guitars

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  1. Smart finally………………..

  2. sera mejor ke mi siempre util trapo humedo y limpio? lo dudo.

  3. “the dirt keeps the funk!” (george porter jr.)

  4. If it means fewer string changes, it could eventually pay for itself.
    I look forward to trying it out.

  5. I have a guitar version, too hard(too tight ) to clean higher frets up the neck. A $2 cloth does it better.

  6. used to play with a guitar player that had one. these have actually been out for a while. seems legit.

  7. Cute gadget… but my Guinness bar towel does the job just fine, and is easy to use on the bandstand in between tunes.

  8. Am I the only one who’s boiled dull-sounding bass strings to regain some of the brightness & sparkle? Maybe that’s just a prudent Scottish trait :)