Korg Releases Pandora Mini

Korg Pandora MiniKorg is now shipping the Pandora Mini, an even more portable version of their popular multi-effect processor. Designed for both bassists and guitarists, the Pandora Mini includes 158 amp models and effects with 400 programs – 200 preset and 200 user programmable locations.

The pocket-sized effects processor also includes 100 rhythm and metronome patterns for practice, while an Aux input lets you jam along with an MP3 or CD player. An Aux pitch function allows you to change the pitch of incoming audio up or down up to an octave. A tuner is also included.

The Korg Pandora Mini is powered by an AA battery or USB, which also allows for connecting to sound editing software to manage your programs. It’s shipping now with an street price of $99.99.

Korg Pandora Mini Specs:

  • Ultra-compact pocket-size multi-effect
  • Powered by “REMS” modeling technology
  • 200 preset programs (including song presets)
  • 200 user programs locations for storing your own sounds
  • 158 types of amps and effects
  • Use up to seven effects at once
  • 100 different rhythm patterns plus a built-in metronome
  • AUX input for jamming along to your favorite songs on CD, MP3, etc.; Ability to change the pitch of the Aux input by ± one octave
  • TAP button makes it easy to set the delay time or the tempo of the Rhythm
  • Four program memory buttons allow one-touch recall of your favorite programs
  • Auto-tuner with muting
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Available in either black or white
  • Sound editing software; edit sounds and manage programs from your computer (available for download from the Korg website)
  • Two-way power: batteries or USB bus power

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