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Pedals & Effects

Neural DSP Announces the Quad Cortex Floor Modeler

Neural DSP has so far released several plugins for modeling software. The company, founded by Douglas Castro of Darkglass, has now unleashed its first piece of hardware. The Quad Cortex is a unit they call the “most powerful floor modeler on the planet.”

Pedals & Effects

DSM Noisemaker Announces the OmniCabSim Mini Pedal

DSM Noisemaker has announced the OmniCabSim Mini, a compact pedal that continues their line of cabinet simulators. It has controls for amp gain, level, texture, resonance, and cab size. “The Cab Size switch options are Combo and Stack for guitar use, while Fridge is selected for bass use to get that tight and punchy low-end response for any situation or...


IK Multimedia Introduces Ampeg Collection 2 for Amplitube

IK Multimedia has announced the Ampeg Collection 2 for their AmpliTube and AmpliTube CS apps for iPhone and iPad. The new set includes modeling software for three new matching amps and cabs: the SVT-VR amp with SVT-810 AV cab, the V-4B amp with SVT-212 AV cab, and the Heritage B-15N amp and matching 115 cab. Each model is made to...

Pedals & Effects

ZVEX Effects Unveils Super Duper Concert Bass Mod Pedal

ZVEX Effects has announced a limited edition modded version of their Super Duper pedal that mimics the vintage Sunn Concert Bass amp. They describe the iconic head as “a solid state monster with distinct distortion and low end popular with enthusiasts of downtuned, primal, and punishing guitarists and bassists.” As with the original Super Duper, the Super Duper Concert Bass...

Pedals & Effects

Hotone Introduces the Binary Pedal Series

Hotone has introduced the Binary Series, a line of four effects pedals for guitar and bass. The range includes an amp simulator, a delay, a cabinet simulator, and a modulation pedal. Each unit is fitted with a dual footswitch layout, an OLED display, and the same digital processor. “At the core of the Binary Series sound is a dual-DSP (digital...


Positive Grid Unveils the BIAS AMP 2 Mobile App

Positive Grid has introduced the BIAS AMP 2 mobile app for iPad and iPhone. The modeling software includes a new user interface, amp packs, tubes, transformers, tone stacks, and multi-mic speaker cabinets. Modeling packs are available for both guitar and bass. “BIAS AMP 2 Mobile is a fantastic standalone mobile guitar processor, and we’re also pleased to be able to...


Hotone’s New XTOMP mini: 140 Classic, Vintage & Modern Effects for Guitar, Bass & More

Hotone Audio’s XTOMP mini pedal is the lean, mean core of Hotone’s flagship XTOMP Bluetooth Modeling Effects Pedal. With a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly footprint than its big brother, this solid aluminum stompbox can be transformed into over 140 different classic, vintage and modern effects for guitar, bass and more. The XTOMP mini uses a mobile app (iOS and Android) via...


Universal Audio Introduces Ampeg SVT-VR and SVT-3 Pro Plug-Ins

Recording bassists have some new amp modeling software options with Universal Audio’s new Ampeg Bass Amp plug-ins. The two new plug-ins focus on the SVT sound with an SVT-VR model and an SVT-3 Pro model, both of which are included in UAD Software v8.3 and are made exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces. Each of the amp simulating plug-ins...

Pedals & Effects

Analog Alien Shipping Alien Bass Station

Analog Alien is now shipping the Alien Bass Station, a pedal that puts three effects into one box. The effects, which include a limiter, an amp generator, and a gamma fuzz, can be used independently or simultaneously for tonal flexibility. Each section has separate output knobs to adjust that effects signal strength. The limiter has a limit-comp knob for the...

Pedals & Effects

Two Notes Audio Engineering Introduces Torpedo C.A.B.

Two Notes Audio Engineering has introduced the Torpedo C.A.B., a stompbox styled cab simulator designed for bass and guitar. The C.A.B. is placed after all your effects pedals in your signal chain and takes the place of an amp by plugging straight into the mixing board. Among the bass cab simulations are presets based on models from Ampeg, SWR, Mesa/Boogie,...


Agile Partners Introduce AmpKit Version 1.4, with Ashdown Amp Model

AmpKit, the popular amp modeling app for iOS, has been updated with Version 1.4. The new incarnation introduces two new pedals and two new amplifiers including modeling of the Ashdown ABM-900 and its matching 8×10 cabinet. The second in AmpKit’s bass amp series, the Ashdown rig replicates all the features of the real ABM-900. Besides the company’s signature VU meter,...


IK Multimedia Expands Amplitube with 2.5 Release

IK Multimedia has released a major update for the iOS version of Amplitube. Version 2.5 of the mobile amp modeling and effects processor app expands its capabilities with MIDI and digital audio support, a redesigned recorder and mixer section, and audio copy and paste functions. It also adapts to new iOS devices by supporting Retina Display. Purchases from the in-app...