Question of the Week: Tell us about your gear!

A new week, a new question taken from the Player Spotlight questionnaire (open to all bassists, by the way).

The question this week:

What’s in your gear list? Tell us about your gear!

Answer below in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Guitars: Squier P Bass, Sterling by Musicman Ray 35

    Amp: Ampeg SVT-450H through and Ampeg 810CL

  2. Mark Zaccheus

    Hi. Im from Singapore. I play 4 nites a week at Indochine Waterfront.
    My current gear is an Ibanez Garry Willis GWB-1 fretted bass, in ADGCF tuning. It was originally fretless but had it fretted. Super growly bass. I also have an old modded fender dats in repair now.
    Im saving up to buy an Ampeg PF500 & a 4×10 speaker cab. Im currently using the club’s Peavey TNT 115.
    I use a Boss Tu-2 tuner, Ebs Multicomp, Mxr envelope filter, Boss Odb-3. But im still experimenting with effects. Dats about it. Rock on!!

  3. My primary bass is a 2010 Gibson SG re-issue. I also use my original 1970 Gibson EB-3.
    My stage amplifier is a Hartke 1000 (1000 watts) powering a Hartke neodyme 4×10 cabinet over a Hartke neodyme 1×15 plus horn cabinet. It’s an Earth-moving combination

  4. My bass rig has been nicknamed “Frankenstein.” A component from here, another from there…..

    Here’s the signal path:

    Alembic F1-X preamp > DBX 166A Comp > QSC PL2-236 amp > BASSON 4×10.

    My go to bass is a ’97 Fender American Standard Jazz V with the P-Bass mod. LOVE this bass! Great feel and tons of punch too! Then I choose between 7 other basses….well 5 as my fretless needs repair and the acoustic bass doesn’t get much play time on stage.

  5. JIm C

    Fender American Standard Jazz ’05
    Fender Jazz ’66
    Genz Benz GBE1200
    DBX 160A
    Gallien Krueger SBX115+SBX210
    Tech 21 PSA-1 SansAmp

  6. White Ibanez Jet King bass. Funky and retro! To get the sound from here to there, I attach it to a Bullet coiled cable – again, very retro. On the other end is a Fender Rumble 75.

  7. Modulus Quantum 6
    Modulus Quantum 6 Sweetspot Turbo
    Modulus Genesis 5
    Zon 519 Fretless 5

    Axe-Fx Ultra Preamp/Processor
    Crown XLS2000 Power Amp

    DNA 4×10 Cabinet

    • For gigs that call for a more analog rig…

      Eden Navigator WP100 Preamp
      Eden Navigator WT1250 Power Amp
      Eden D610XLT 6×10 Cabinet

  8. Gigging bass is a 2010 Fender American Standard 5 String – Black, white guard and maple neck. It replaced a Lakland 55-01 that I just couldn’t grow to love. Can’t see myself getting another bass now that I’ve got the Jazz
    In retirement is a 1974 American P-Bass – don’t feel the need to take it gigging as backup.
    Stage Amp is a Gallien Krueger RB400 115 Combo sometime supplemented by a SWR Goliath 210 Cab.
    Effects gear is Boss ME50B.
    Home gear is Line 6 LD15 Combo, Toshiba Laptop, Guitar Pro 5, iPOD Classic 30G, iPhone 3GS with Guitar Pro App, Zoom Rhythm-track RT-123, Zoom Handheld Video Recorder, Korg Tuner
    Other gear comprises Mexican Classic 70s Strat, Vox AD-30, Behringer V-Amp PRO, Behringer UB-22 FXPRO Mixer, Acoustic 220 Head and Peavey BW 115 Cab (both in retirement).
    Strings are usually Fender Superbass. D’Adarios are better but not long enough for through body and no taper windings on B & E.

  9. Mike Farley

    Fender ’70 RI Precision Bass (currently experimenting with Rotosound RB45s after years of d’Addario)

    Line 6 Studio 110

    (Keep it simple…)

  10. Lakland Skyline 55-60 Custom, MTD Kingston Artist 5, Fender Classic Series 70´s

    Zoom B2.1u

    Markbass Littlemark Tube 800
    Hartke Hydrive 4×10

  11. Alex

    3/4 size bass carved by Rumano Solano.
    American Timbre “Blackjack” custom fretless
    Ampeg BA-110
    Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Distortion.

  12. Luis Cancino

    My bass is a four string fretted Ibanez Gio Soundgear and an Orange Crush 12 watt guitar amp.
    I know, this is not very outstandingear but fair enough for a beginner… ;-)

  13. A Stingray Classic 4, in Tobacco burst and maple board.

    Ampeg Classic head and 8×10 cab.

    Meat and potatoes, by friends.

  14. Hey bassplayers!
    Fodera Emperor 5 (bolt-on), Andre van der End 5 fretless, Fender JB ’75, Yamaha SLB200 (electric upright).

    When playing my electric upright, I use my AER amp Three, which also sounds fantastic with my other basses. When playing bass-guitar and for bigger gigs I prefer my Aguilar DB750 and 2x Aguilar GS112.

    Definitely my Basswitch IQ DI is going everywhere!!!!!
    My standard pedalboard setup is:
    Aguilar FilterTwin & Octamizer, FEA SMX compressor, EHX micro-synth, Catalinbread SFT, EBS Dynaverb & UniChorus, MXR carbon copy, TC polytune and a Boss RC-2.

    In my opinion EVERYBODY has to check the Basswitch!!!!!! It’s really unbelievable AWESOME!!!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  15. hang on for this ride! let’s get those blasted guitars outta the way first.

    a very old acoustic guitar i inherited from my grandfather. the label says: gibson guitar and mandolin company, kalamazoo, MI. the tailpiece is stamped, 1904 pat. pend.

    an original roland 303 synth guitar which plays like a dream.

    takamine jasmine nylon string

    1966 jazz bass, 1972 jazz bass, custom made unknown luthier 4 string fretless, ernie ball MM sterling fretless, roscoe 3006 SKB 6 string fretless with graph tech midi controller, sam shen SB150 upright.

    two yamaha B1D hex pickups, yamaha G50 midi controller with MFC10 foot controller, yamaha MU 100 R voice module.

    lexicon MPX G2 with MPX R1 foot controller.

    original lexicon jamman, digitech jamman (1st model)

    morley little alligator volume pedal, morley dual bass wah.

    other stomp boxes, zoom 506 multi effects processor, digitech whammy II, boss DD-3 digital delay, boss digital reverb RV-3 and a radial tonebone.

    eden WT-800 with 1×15 cabinet, GK 4×10 cabinet (this one flew off the top of a vehicle @ 90 MPH and still works), trace elliot AH 1200 somethinorother (rarely used) and a hartke kickback 12 which has been quite the workhorse.

    of course, i don’t run all of this stuff simultaneously. the midi rig runs with the lexicon and the stomp boxes are utilized otherwise.

    needless to say, i like toys with noise!!


  16. Jonathan

    American Mapleneck P.Bass, along with a powerful Markbass Classic 300 head and a classic 108 cab, big stuff. Oh and I also got a few pedals, but don’t use them often.

  17. sam

    Basses: fretless squire P bass (pulled a jaco on it), fender american standard jazz bass 2010, schecter stiletto custom 5 string bass

    amp: acoustic B100, acoustic B10, boxer 30 wat

    effects: boss overdrive peddle

    strings: DR roundwounds, just ordered 2 sets of la bella jamerson flats

  18. Bass: Washburn Force 4 with changed hardwear from silver to black.

    Pedals: Pro Co RAT Distortion and Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner.

    Amp: Beringher Ultrabass BX4500H through a Ampeg SVT-810 E

  19. Johan Rodén

    Basses: Warwick Rb Streamer (2006)
    Sx Jazz bass
    Amp: Ashdown MAG 300(old series) trough Ashdown 4x10t

  20. juan

    Music Man Sterling 2007
    Swr workingmans 12

  21. Chance Carrico

    For my live rig I use:

    Line 6 LD750HD
    Hartke 8x10XL

    Van Den Hul Cables

    Sansamp BDDI or Sansamp VT
    Boss CEB-3 Chorus
    Fulltone Bassdrive
    Foxrox Octron 2
    Boss Tuner TU-2

  22. Johan

    at home i got: ashdown MAG300(old series) with 4x10T cabs
    Torque Tb30 bass amp (have been sitting in the closet until few weeks ago)
    Korg Px5d

    but my band uses a space with backlines so i dont need to get my own rig to the rehearsals
    plays on a crappy warwick 3.2 amp with warwick cab(4×10)

  23. Mr. Eko

    two Fender Jazz Basses-one heavily modified and the other will soon be, American P bass, Ibanez SR505

    Eden E300T through an Ampeg 8×10 with an Ampeg SVT-6 Pro as a back up and a Hartke A100 practice amp

    an old black Russian Big Muff, MXR M-80 bass d.i.+, Boss odb 3, Boss Chorus, Boss tuner, and Dunlop Wah

    my go to bass is my Black Jazz Bass that has been modified with Bassline Quarter Pound J pickups and all black hardware.

    • bobon

      heyy mr.Eko how to setup the gear between MXR M-80 with big muff…plzz need some help

  24. bobon

    heyy… i’m from Indonesian i have big muff bass USA and MXR d.i any suggest for setup the gear ..cause before i cant get the tone,, what i wan is