Willie Dixon: I Got My Mojo Working

Bassist, songwriter, vocalist, arranger and producer Willie Dixon shows his stuff in this live recording of “I Got My Mojo Working”.

Not sure of the year, or where this took place. If you know, please share in the comments below! (Update: Thanks to Ben, for sharing the info in the comments).

Facebook friend Gary Comley shared this with us: “This is from the Théâtre St-Denis, Montreal Intl. Jazz Festival, July 6, 1982. It was Dixon’s only appearance at the festival.”

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  1. Ben

    What i found with a little google help… lol

    Willie Dixon Theatre ST.Denis
    Montreal Jazz Festival 07/06/82
    Avi 99 Mb
    52:00 Min

  2. Patricia Marks

    Hey…………that’s cooool music!!

  3. The harmonica player on my solo CD entitled Walter MIDI Group “AND THEN YOU WOKE UP!” whose name is Danny (Mississippi) Russo played with the great Willie Dixon. Check out one of the cuts on my CD that Danny plays on: http://soundcloud.com/waltermidigroup/i-just-dont-know-what-to-do.

  4. Who’s playing the electric bass behind Willie?