Jim Bennett: Acoustic Piccolo Bass Jam

We’ve seen acoustic bass jams, and we’ve seen piccolo bass jams, but never the combination of the two.

Here, bassist Jim Bennett shows off his acoustic Ibanez bass, tuned D A D G, with a hint of Jeff Schmidt and Michael Manring.

Jim describes his technique:

“It’s kinda like an open hammer pluck, but instead of plucking, you do an upstroke with your index finger, more like strumming a guitar. This might be similar to flamenco techniques? The pattern is roughly: rh slap, lh slap, rh slap, rh upstroke. (rh means right-hand, lh means left-hand).”

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  1. Jaime Blomeling

    Why don’t you play guitar!!!

  2. Kevin

    Were the piccolo strings meant for an acoustic bass specifically or are they just electric on the acoustic?

  3. They do make Acoustic piccolo strings.