Stu Hamm, Greg Howe and Dennis Chambers: Sunny (Live)

Here’s a smoking version of Bobby Hebb’s “Sunny”, performed by bassist Stu Hamm, guitarist Greg Howe and drummer Dennis Chambers.

This was filmed at this year’s Eddie Lang Jazz Festival.

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  1. I would rather listen to the Boney M version. This is total m*sturbation. The original is an amazingly beautiful song and this is just pub band jazz rock sh*te!! (And you can quote me on that!!)

  2. art

    You gotta be kidding! Boney M over Chambers, Stu Hamm and Greg Howe? Disco had it’s day and it’s long gone. The quintessential “Sunny” is Pat Martino ‘s version.

  3. zermelo

    no single head swinging in the audience = boooring!

  4. Finch

    Totally disagree.
    Great music, powerful trio.

  5. It may be too subtle in this day of fretboard gymnastics. I find it very musical with a fat groove… big surprise with Dennis Chambers, right?

  6. Awesome, Fantastic, Incredible…..It Was Amazing!!!!!!!!!

  7. Stu hinting at “If You Want Me to Stay.” Nice.

  8. Yeah this is cool! And wondered why I kept hearing ‘if you want me to stay’ then… there it is!

  9. Great playing by three monsters…