Question of the Week: Do you use effects?

Do you use effects? If so, what are your favorites?

Answer below in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Ian

    Hell yeah. Mostly fuzz and wah pedal.

    • Garfo

      Mainly Fuzz, Rat, Delay, Phaser, Tremolo, Envelope Filter…so, a couple, for sure!!!

  2. Josh

    Yes, I use fuzz, way filter, and I’m also experimenting with phaser and flanger

  3. Besides a compressor, fuzz and phaser. I’ll occasionally throw a chorus pedal in the loop.

  4. Tube King, Small Clone, Boss Digital Delay… now, i just have to figure out where to put the vintage Ibanez Flanger (the one with the 1/4″ plug power adapter).

  5. Mark Bass Compressore, Tech-21 VT Bass, Tech-21 Bass Chorus Boost, Digitech JamMan Looper.

  6. Joe

    Sometimes fuzz. Delay/looper as needed. Reverb with the lows cut completely off so just the string noise and high-notes experience a subtle spaciousness without getting muddy.

  7. Shane Raymond Armstrong

    Do I? No.

    Do I WANT TO?

    Yes. So many things I would buy if I had the money… Morley Wah, Russian Big Muff Pi, Power Chord Octaver, Delay, Looper…

    Sucks being a broke bassist.

  8. Mathias

    The VT bass… I wish I could use my choruspedal some more. But all in all, I got everything i need from the VT ;-) what a tool (in good sense)

  9. kenstee

    Boss PH-1r Phaser, Analogman Standard Chorus (with Deep Toggle,) Boss BF-2 Flanger, Boss DD-2 Delay, Tech 21 VT Bass (Tone Enhancer,) Boss RC-3 Looper, Boss DS-1 or MT-2 Distortion…but not all at once…at least most of the time!

  10. Dunlop Bass Crybaby -> MXR Blow Torch -> Sansamp Bass Driver DI (thru) -> Ibanez Delay -> Boss PH-3 -> Boss CE-5 – Boss TU-2 works for me!

    • Tony E.

      Boss ME-50B; I use the T-WAH DOWN, MUFF FUZZ, and -1 OCTAVE quite a bit. Occasionally I use the PHASER or the FLANGER.

  11. Gene

    chorus, compression and some other fun gadgets

  12. The Outlaw

    Boss CE-3, Dunlop original Crybaby and Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper

  13. I use the SansAmp RBI as a preamp with a slightly distorted dirty sound. I have a special customized Morley Bass Wah which has a Tech21 XXL for Bass inside, the Fuzz is connected with the wah-effect:)
    And hellyeah!!! it makes a lot of noise (and fun:))))))))))))))

  14. Chad Broski

    My Behringer amp comes with a distotion effect, an octaver, and a compressor. the compressor is always on, and the octaver feature isn’t very good, so i don’t use it, but i often will jam out with the metal distortion.

  15. DC Walsh

    Usually I play it clean through my Behringer amp, with the EQ set to deep bass. Some songs I’ll use my Digitech BP-90 on provided setting 20 for a deeper Bass sound. And I’ll sometimes use my Crybaby Wah, and the deeper settings on my amp.

  16. thedarkoceans

    fuzz fuzz fuzz fuzz

  17. jbone

    tons of effects. fuzz, envelope filter, distortion, tremolo, chorus, etc.

  18. No effects, My 5 and My Trace are all I need

  19. Boss ME-50B and a Boss RC20XL Looping Station

  20. Mike Farley

    I use just a little compression most of the time, but nothing else.

  21. Jon

    Tech 2i Sansamp – always!

  22. Zoki Bass Pavloski

    Nanoverb/reverb, Zoom octaver