Question of the Week: Electric, upright or both?

Do you play electric, upright or both?

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  1. Kris

    Both. Upright with my folk/alt-acoustic outfit, and electric when playing with the traditional rock band or my electronic ambient/experimental project:

  2. Derik

    I started on the upright, in orchestra, but I don’t own one anymore.

    I’d like to, but there just isn’t really space or money for it.

  3. Electric now but I played some upright in High School. Wish I had the funds and space for an upright.

  4. David


    Upright with my rockabilly band, electric when I am playing blues/rock/punk

  5. Bryan Petersen

    I play electric (and acoustic) basses, and have an upright, but I need lessons on the upright so I don’t develope any bad habits.

  6. voytek

    I play electric ones, but long ago had an upright bass, but I was too lazy to learn. regretting now

  7. voytek

    I play electric ones, long ago had an upright bass, but I was too lazy to learn. regretting now

  8. Only electric so far, but I hope to branch out to an upright at some point in the future, probably a NS model.

  9. John Crosley

    I play both. I have played rock most of my career, and started doing more roots music the last few years, and the upright fits better.

  10. Mike Farley

    Both – started on upright at school many years ago, but play electric pretty much exclusively these days.

  11. Tom

    Electric exclusively right now but as soon as budget allows me to there will be an upright in the family.

  12. Liam

    Both, couldn’t imagine my life just playing one, wouldn’t be the same.

  13. Zoki Bass Pavloski

    Both, upright is the main.

  14. Norman Hacker

    Electric, 4,5, 6 and 12 string , fretless and NS5 uprite.

  15. Both. Like having two of the best girlfriends ever.

  16. Electric 4 string all the way for me. :-)

  17. Both without question.