Question of the Week: If you could have any bass in the world, what would it be?

When you dream, dream big.

Our question of the week: If you could have any bass in the world, what would it be?

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  1. robin

    gibson – thunderbird

  2. Thomas

    A Brand New Rickenbacker 4003 in Fireglo

  3. Matt S.

    Scott LaFaro’s. Without question.

  4. kenstee

    Early 60’s Fender Bass VI

  5. Mike Farley

    The one I play already – Fender Precision Bass ’70 reissue!

  6. Javier

    Sadowsky Metroline RV4 Black w/VTC

  7. Jimmy Mack

    My stolen, modified, white 72 jazz bass. Stolen three and a half years ago.

  8. Jimmy Mack

    My stolen, white, modified, 72 jazz bass. It was stolen three and a half years ago.

  9. Fodera custom made, one and only!

  10. abahdit

    MTD #MTD4LYFE :)

  11. Thomas Nelson

    I have it. A Sadowsky MV5. A present from my wife in celebration of my 60th birthday.

    • barry

      Nice to a lackland 5,a Mtd 5 you would be scratching your head

  12. PhiDeck

    Doen’t exist, as far as I know: 5-string (EADGC) electric, fan-fretted (35″-32″ multi-scale), headless, with drop tuner on E-string.

  13. Harald

    Atlansia Garland

  14. Roy

    Les Claypool’s Whamola, love that thing sounds awesome.

  15. I’m also lusting after a fanned-fret bass such as a top-of-the-line Dingwall. I had so much trouble getting a low B to “speak” on my old 5-string, that I first tried High C, then went for a 4-string. If I ever get a Dingwall or equivalent, it will be a 6-er.

  16. Mr. Eko

    i own my dream bass. A modded Fender Jazz with Bassline Quarter Pound pups, a Babicz bridge, hipshot tuners, and ashtray covers. it is black with black hardware including the control plate and has a pearloid green pickguard.

  17. Ampy

    A Fodera, monarch EADGC bass.. the ones that cost 4500 bucks.. but the is sound like a million gold bars..

  18. I would love one of Geddy’s old Wal basses. Set up just as he had them.

  19. tom

    sadowsky ultra vintage 4

  20. Doug

    Aria pro-CB bass!

  21. Matthew Girolami

    Fender Precision bass, squier’s= physically lighter, less fear of damage

    Real Fender’s=solid construction, solid sound

    Mexican Fender’s=just get an Indonesian one, it’s not american anyway, save 250 bucks

    Fender Precision=Every not is an entity, always enough bottom end, the sound that everyone who isn’t a bassist strives for.

    The plug and play tone will always suit the music, not pedals for tweaking or extensive EQ ing, just pure BASS.

    • Cameron Warren

      Rickenbacker 4003 vintage model = my dream bass for three years

  22. Kevin

    ’62 Fender Precision.

  23. David

    Ken Smith 5

  24. barry

    Impossible to decide on one bass unless you play one kind of music.I own 10 basses and could take each to a gig that i know it would sound best.So it’s a stupid question,or at least a question for guys playing there first bass or so.I would have said my 61 p bass with 62 pickups but that bass be it all it is,is just part of the story.Just listen to the world of bass today and you have to open your mind to more than just one sonic perception.They different animals that speak in different tongues.It will come down to what you can afford.But hey! Dream on!

  25. mark

    vigier passion , been playing it for 20 years ,have got other basses but i always go back to my vigier, great guitar for any type of music , dont need a multitude of basses to have a great sound .

  26. Aaron Collegeman

    This is great!

  27. I would either go simple and take a sweet Rickenbacker, or the Flora Aurum by Ritter, just for indulgence. I already have my dream bass though, so I’m good as is!

  28. Gibson EBO. And I have it!

  29. Alembic series two 5 string 35 ” scale with ebony neck laminations.

  30. Fodera Imperial 5. I’ll need a deployment under my belt to afford one though.

  31. Just a Lakland 44-64 Custom… :)

  32. Carl Thompson 4-string with a Kahler Tremelo, maple and purpleheart core and black walnut front and back. Cat’s eye model, of course. Either that or a custom 6 string with a super thin neck (width rather than depth), small scale and 26 fret neck. Both neck, and string thru designs.

  33. Kubicki Ex Factor and Aries Bovidae…and i have it :)

  34. A 70’s pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray, a Wal Fretless or the discontinued Fender Steve Bailey Signature 6. String bass. Sorry its hard to choose one.

  35. Waterstone 12-string

  36. Fender Tony Franklin Precision Bass – fretted and/or fretless :-)

  37. 1980’s Wal 4-string.

  38. Mid 60s Fender Precision.

  39. Warwick Vampyre NT

  40. 1960 Jazz Bass with flatwornd LaBellas.

  41. Most likely a 4-string Wal or a 5 string MusicMan Big Al.

  42. Fender Jaco pastorius signature jazz bass – nuff said!