Question of the Week: What was your first bass? Still have it?

Our question of the week: What was your first bass? Still have it?

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  1. Joey Strange

    Mine was a 1979 Vox Custom. 24 frets, through neck, string-through body and it weighs a ton! I still have it but haven’t touched it for years.

  2. Edd Williams

    Fender Affinity Jazz Bass, that I traded in for a new amp. Was the heaviest bass I have ever played, made of crappy wood and with the worst pick-ups ever in it. Still loved every part of it. :)

  3. Charles Douglas Hoffman

    A Univox borrowed from my hight school. It had a big crack along the body lengthwise at about the height of the strap button, had only the E and A strings on it and the E was flatwound. Made a loud creaking noise when I tuned it.

    First one I technically owned was a Peavey T-40, and I don’t still have it but I wish I did. I made a foolish mistake of trading it for a Boss Fuzz pedal (which sucked) upon deciding (a) that it was too heavy (it was very heavy), and (b) I was going to play guitar instead. Kicking myself for that now, because T-40s are awesome.

    • The Boss Heavy Metal (with restraint on the knob levels) gave me years of lovely distortion. Never had a Fuzz.

    • @[742192036:2048:Dave Wren] Yeah I don’t recommend it. Super Fuzz and Hyper Fuzz are kinda cool tho.

    • @[742192036:2048:Dave Wren] Some of their distortions are pretty cool. Heavy Metal, Metal Zone, and of course the classic orange Overdrive all have their charming qualities. I have a bit of a thing for Xtrortion too.

      also the crack was from the _front_ strap button :D not down the middle of the body, that probably would have been unplayable.

  4. It was a Washburn Force Four from the 70’s it was great-stolen out of my friend’s house-most likely by someone I know.

  5. I had an ibanez. I’m not sure what model. I bought it for $30 bucks and sold it for $130 to help me pay for an epiphone I no longer have either.

  6. by the way anyone thinking of selling a T-40, get in touch :D

  7. It was a no-brand bass … narrow spacing between the string, but huge spacing between strings and fretboard!!! A neck very, very bowed … You can see in my Facebook photo album …

  8. It was a peavey 4 string, part of a starter kit, don’t have it now, upgraded to a Peavey Fury 5 w/ a lo B string.

  9. Mt first bass was a Peavy Zodiac BXP.
    Still have it :)

  10. My first bass was a 1999 Christopher violin-body laminate. I don’t have it anymore becuase it was a rental, and when I took it to Europe with my youth orchestra, it was broken in the flight case when we arrived home.

  11. A really cool little black Fender Musicmaster. Traded it (+cash) for a Fender Coronado Bass II, which I still have.

  12. It was 1972 and I picked up a 1967 to 69 Fender Precision. I bought it for $50 and it was in bad shape, the person I bought it from said it was in his closet for a few years and it was banged up being moved around. Cleaned it up, fixed a couple of broken wires. I was a keyboard player then not a bass player, so I sold it… like a lot of people say, I wish I didn’t.

  13. harmony h22, no

  14. it was a squire P bass that I got for 150. still have it. its been through a lot. I took the frets out of it a while ago and now am playing my american standard fender jazz.

  15. In 1968 ( I was 12 years old), my brother bought me a 1956 Fender PBass. Still have it and still play it.

  16. My folks had already bought me a guitar. They threatened me with ***t if I wasted another Christmas present when I was 13. But by then, I’d heard Andy Fraser.

    Still playing bass at 51 years.

    EADG rules!

  17. In 1981 I bought Hondo P-bass, great bass.Sold it about 3 yrs. later.

  18. 65 Precision. Parents bought it for my older brother who was in a band. I took it over after he quit playing. Sold it in 73 to purchase a Rick 4001 which I still own.

  19. Ibanez Gio sr200, and yes I still have it.

  20. Fender Squier Pete Wentz bass neck on a red squier p-bass body, best bass I’ve ever experienced. Still use it to this day. Some people wonder why I don’t buy a Fender, well I’ve yet to hear a Fender that sounds and feels better.

  21. Mine was a Fender Precision Bass, times got lean and I had had to sell her, it was an American made model blonde body with maple fingerboard/.

  22. A Hondo II precision copy. Black body w/ maple neck. The single pick up hummed loudly, the frets were terrible, and the neck warped….but it was a beginning. The first “real bass” was a mid 70s Rick 4001 that I bought a year later. Sweet!

  23. My 65 P bass.It wasn’t my choice.I never got away from P basses for 10 years.No matter what I imagined I ended up with a P bass for at least 10 years, before I was able to switch to jazz basses.Now I own a 61 P I don’t play it that much as I have 10 other basses but we family.

  24. Got an Ibanez Roadstar II in laser red with P/J pickups on my 16th Bday in 1986. I sold it after it got dinged up in a studio mishap. I miss it as I’ve never had a P style bass ever since I discovered the Jazz bass.

  25. A 1970 Gibson EBO. Unfortuneately, it was stolen while I was away in the service.

  26. I bought a brand new pepto bismo colored Spencer p bass Fender look knock off. I paid $70 at the flea market and did not even know how to play it! It was missing the string tree (which I later replaced), and the only reason I knew this was there was a hole where it went. After 6 mths of owning it, I told myself I was going to learn how to play it. This was late Oct 2007. I did teach myself and after 4 years of playing and 9 basses later, I still own it. I call it Pinky. I learned off it and it was the first of ten! :)

  27. Fender Squire J-Bass – Yup!

  28. a red 1965 hagstrom bass/with the case my farther bought me for my 16 th birthday ya see me and sir paul where born on the same day june 18! only he’s very good and very very famous I still have has the slimist neck of anything I have ever owned! lots of good times with that bass.being a child of the sixtys some of the gigs from my teen years are kinda fuzzie! :)

  29. The First Bass I bought was a 1984 Peavy Foundation, Blond Southern Ash, my Salesman was I still own it, it’s on loan to a church.. I should get it back soon…

  30. my first bass was a 1964 Hofner Guitars 185 Artist Bass. I still have it and love it, truly a classic and a vintage, shortscale instrument. part of history!

  31. A 1973 Telecaster (humbucker) Bass, a bright orange coloured model that was a cancelled special order. I couldn’t understand why it didn’t sound like a Jazz Bass (that’s how stupid I was). Sold it on a short while later to the bass player (Bruce) in a UK Jazz/Rock band named “Major Surgery”. of course, I wish I had it now…

  32. A sunburst Maya P-Bass. And no, I haven’t got it: it would have been 30 years old now and wouldn’t have survived considering the ‘quality’ of the brand…

  33. 1981-ish Aria Pro-II CSB-380, medium scale with Badass bridge and Bartolini soap-bar pickup. Bought it used for just under $200 in 1986. Solid block of wood with a three-piece maple laminated neck. Yes I still have it. The body is scuffed, bruised and even has little holes from when people threw darts at me during a party and I had to use it as a shield. But it plays well and sounds great through the new Fender TV-12 Bassman. I don’t use it for gigs much but keep it close by for practice and writing new riffs.

  34. a peavey millennium 4 bxp. I traded it for a mexican Jazz bass that I still have and have modded it alot and it is my main bass.

  35. 1978 Gibson Ripper…because Carol Kaye played one ;-).

  36. It was a Framus single cutaway one-pickup, a lesser version of what Bill Wyman had in the mid-60’s. Thin neck and strange gold-top finish.

  37. A circa 1965 Hofner model D 185 painted in flaky yellow in front and grey sixties pattern on the back, licensed by Hofner to be made in Spain. I sold it and have kind of mixed emotions as it was totally crap bass but my first ;-)

  38. TR70 Ibanez for my 20th birthday! Still a good one!!!

  39. First bass was an Austin Precision-style 4-string that came in a cardboard box with a 10-watt Austin amp. Blew the amp out within about a week. A friend of mine took the thing apart and tried to paint it gold, but our 15-year-old minds were naive about wiring systems, and we ruined the whole thing. I still own it, though. It’s got the lowest 4 strings of a 5-string set on it.

  40. A Black 1975 Fender P Bass with a white pickguard and a maple neck. I bought it in 1976 for $250 w/case.
    and still have it today. I wouldn’t take anything for Susie Q, we have a lot of memories together.

  41. Some Yamaha RBX 4 String. Sold it after one year and got me an g&l. Still got this one and I won’t ever sell it.

  42. My first bass, back in 1999, was a Samick. Same looks as a P bass, except for the headstock, which was pointy. Paint and pickguard were black, and I can’t really tell which wood the neck was made of, but it was not maple, maybe it was mahogany but I could be wrong. Sold it a year later to buy my second bass, which has the same configuration but it’s an original model from the brand (which is from my home country), and I still have it. Originally black, but I stripped off the paint and turned out to have a beautiful spalted grain underneath. Can’t say I want my first bass back as my second one turned out to be way superior, with more frets and great sound, I cherish it as if it were my first.

  43. A second generation G&L L-1000. It was so new at the time iit was made, it says patent pending on the head stock. I payed $300. I will NEVER sell it! There isn’t enough money in the world that could get me to. I have yet to find a bass that sounds like it.

  44. June 1966 – paid $45 for a gloss black Silvertone single cutaway / masonite body/ lipstick tube pickup / extra long neck number. Still have it – not very collectible after several ill-advised Clapton-inspired paint jobs.

    • Throw it up in the air and when you pick it up off of the concrete floor and it is still in tune, then it is a Silvertone.

    • Why didn’t Pete Townshend figure that out? Must be an export issue.

    • damn i didn’t know u had one of those – pic plz?

    • Foote – I used in in Summerfield occasionally back in spring of ’74 – there was the time they were still builiding the stage at Fanny Anne’s and I called a time out right before the 1st tune – there was no strap peg on the bottom, so I found a nail and banged it in with Ted’s cowbell – while it was plugged in. We then proceeded to play “Country Tune”. I’ll get a picture later. The nail is still there.

    • Yeah Man! I had one of those! Same time frame too. I painted it so it glowed under black lights and our drummer would come out and do a drum solo on it while I played notes and chords. Heavy! lol! It’s amazing that I remembered that, thanks for bringing it up.

  45. I’ve still got my first bass – an Ibanez GSR 200. Hasn’t been gigged in years but currently servicing the crap out of it including stripping the paint and possibly replacing the pickups. The bad boy will be gigged again!

  46. A 1964 Höfner Artist II. Yup, still got it. Yup, it’s virtually unplayable.

  47. My first bass was a J-bass copy, purchased (new) at a pawn shop in Pittsburgh. Back in the summer of 1978. I think it was about $100. I sold it to a friend a year or so later. About a year ago I ran into him, he still had it, and gave it back. It is pretty much unplayable, but I cleaned it up and it has a place of honor among my other instruments.

  48. A Music Man Sabre with maple body. Gave it away a long time ago.

  49. 2nd hand Ibanez Blazer Bass – circa 1981 model. Went through loads of different basses but always seemed to end up with one of these for about the first 6-7 years before finally switching to J-Bass styles and finally ending up with active J-bass type basses. Recently I acquired a rather beat up looking Blazer – same year, same model and decided to have a nostalgic moment with it, so spend considerable time and effort (and extra $$ of course) restoring it to the original glory days, however the pickups were blown so replaced it with Original P-Bass (Fenders) and had to go with a custom pearloid scratch plate – definitely not like the original 1 ply black one. Plus upgraded all electronics and painted it in Sonic blue. Was a nice player but sold it to someone who appreciated it far more than me.

  50. First bass in 1979 was a Kay Gibson EB copy.£40 from Woolworths.I bought it because it was broadly symmetrical and I could restring it left handed.It was a piece of cr#p.I still have it lurking in the loft somewhere, next to it’s replacement, a 1980 L/H Columbus P which was replaced by a 1978 Fender P.

  51. A mid-60’s Tesco Del Ray hollow body. Played it through a Sunn Sonora through a Sunn 2X15. Sounded huge. The bass really didn’t sound too bad at all. And its amazing that an amp with as little wattage as that had could sound so big. I sold that bass in the late 60’s to get a Gibson EB-0 with the banjo tuners. No, I don’t still have that either, Dammit!

  52. Cape Town ’88. Paid R168 for a beaten-up mid sixties short-scale Teisco NB-4. Amazing bass with great pickups. Of course I still have it. It’s the most precious thing in the world to me.

  53. My first 4 string was a Peavey Milestone II. I never took the plastic off of the pickguard. I traded it in towards my first 5 string – an Ibanez GTR75. I remember him puting the Peavey on the shelf as new because it was in such good condition. Gotta take care of your stuff.

  54. Yamaha RBX170 (black), Nov. 2011. Bought new at GC ($153). Added a thumb rest and changed strings. Still have it.

  55. paid $75 for a Yamaha RBX 250 P bass, now its a P/J and its still my everyday use bass!

  56. Got a really crappy beginner model Yamaha bass. not sure what it was called. I beat the crap out of it because I was new at the whole music thing and didn’t know a damn thing about taking care of my instruments. So now its disassembled in my basement waiting for a paint job and some new pick ups.

  57. In ’64 I got a very usedKent P copy for $35. Terrible neck bow. Hacked it up in wood vise, threw it around..a lot. Still have most of it. Replaced it with a ’65 Vox Cougar which still gets some playing time.

  58. In 1983 I bought an Ovation Magnum II from K & K Music in San Jose. Around 1991 it fell off a stand and broke in two at the nut. My cousin, luthier Mark Garza, put a fretless neck on it. I still have and play it although not as often as I would like.

  59. My first bass was a Hofner solid body. Short scale, because I didn’t know any better, strange kind of black sunburst, didn’t sound very good. The funniest part is that age 14 while shopping for a bass, the first one I almost bought was what appeared to me at the time to be a very old P bass, beat up, grooves in the fingerboard, etc. It was in my budget range – only $75, at a local music store. But I wanted something shiny and new. Years later I found out that it was an original P bass with a serial number indicating that it was the 5th one made! Live and learn. 2 years later, I traded a relatively new Strat that I didn’t like for a 63 Jazz bass.

  60. I got my first Bass in ’75, it was a copy of a Fender Telecaster Bass, don’t know who made it as it had no brand name on it. The neck was as wide as a softball bat and it weighed a ton!, hated playing it standing up because after a while I felt like Quasimodo! Oh well, you have to start somewhere I guess, lol!

  61. I got my first Bass in ’75, it was a copy of a Fender Telecaster Bass, don’t know who made it as it had no brand name on it. The neck was as wide as a softball bat and it weighed a ton!, hated playing it standing up because after a while I felt like Quasimodo! Oh well, you have to start somewhere I guess, lol!

  62. Aria Pro II with “ThorSound” pickups, whatever that means.

    • Those guitars/basses tended to have a lot of switches so you could get a lot of different sounds. the guitar versions had like 7 switches!

  63. Peavey Millenium BXP 4 String – Still have it, but made it a fretless bass after about 2 years ;).

  64. 1978 first bass, an IBANEZ “Silver Series” Precision (very few were made due to a lawsuit from Fender). Used on tour (with others like ’80 Rick-4001) until 1998 when I retired the Ibanez for a Fender Deluxe Jazz and got a endorsement deal with German boutique bass maker Hot Wire Basses (fretless and 5 string).

  65. first bass is a Ibanez RDGR…love it and still have it:)

  66. I wish!196? Gibson EB-?,actually, I don’t have my first 20 basses,still have 2nd Rick,

  67. First Bass was a 72 Fender Jazz lost it in a fire :-(
    still sad about that .

  68. ’58 Fender Precision….Paid $95.00 for it in 1969….O.M.G do I wish I STILL had it!

  69. my first bass was a fender 78 natural finish, sold it.

  70. Peavey T-40… really didn’t like it. It was the school’s. I had lessons for 3 days until I realized I was actually more comfortable playing lefty. That was in 1988, it was the ONLY 3 bass lessons I ever had. Next was a Warlock… uck. Then I got a Series 10 which I’ve made several mods to it, and I still play it to this day. I will be buried with that bass.

  71. My first bass was a Univox copy of a Fender Precision. In 1979 with the help of my Dad I cut it down to a tear drop(like Geddy Lee’s)and installed a Fender Tele Bass pick up. I had it rewired a couple of years ago. It still sounds good. I’d never get rid of it, still love it.

  72. I don’t even know much about it, but it said Cameo in script across the top and I pulled it out of the garbage in front of a house while delivering newspapers as a teen in late 80’s. I thought it was a guitar as it was in a case. I opened it and learned it wasn’t. Several years later I finally decided to learn to play. Plugged it in and sure enough the thing worked. Looks like an old Beatle bass with the violin style body. Still got it and it still works.

  73. a fender-style 80$ precision bass. still have it, still play it. not the better instrument, but the one I love the most.

  74. First Bass – Ibanez Musician 924 – It’s going nowhere :)

  75. My first bass was a no-name special with chrome pick-ups I got from a shop in downtown L.A., (my mom didn’t think I’d keep playing), then a Memphis P-bass copy that I put a Fender fretless neck on. They’re both long gone, but I still have my 79′ Ibanez Roadster.

  76. US ATK with the Bunker neck

  77. I bought my first bass from Parker Music when they had a store in Tx City…a Fender Mustang with a plain-Jane wood-grain finish and a rosewood fretboard…couple of trades later obtained a burgundy Gibson Grabber with the sliding pickup…saw a similar model in Guitar Center on Westheimer in Houston, Tx about a year ago and should’ve snatched it up…the Fender didn’t have a lot of memories for me but that Gibson is when I started seriously playing bass, and played my first gigs with…miss that axe…

    • First Bass was a Lotus L770 Double cutaway…no longer have but I miss that axe…it was almost indestructible…

    • First bass, Univox ‘lectra scroll headstock violin bass, jet black. Regretted trading it off many years ago do when a burst flavored one came up on eBay I snagged it.

  78. My first bass was a Columbus Jazz Bass copy, cost my parents £27.50 back in 1975, don’t have it anymore, but made up for it’s departure by buying a 63 P-Bass, still got that!

  79. 1997 – Peavey Fury….paid $200 for it brand new. It was a great starter bass….had a fast neck like a Jazz, but the body was a P-Bass style with a single, split-coil pick-up. It was simple….black with a white pickguard. Sold it to my cousin a few years later for $100.

  80. Mine was a 1981 Ibanez Roadstar that I received for Christmas of my sophomore year in high school. Within four years, I had removed the finish, replaced the bridge, replaced the single pickup with a pair of DiMarzio jazz pups, and in the sixth year, I replaced the neck with a Moses graphite. The ABSOLUTELY easiest-playing (until my Jerzy Drozd in 1998) and best slapping I have ever owned. Loaned in for a few weeks in college to a trumpet-playing “friend” of mine at Texas Tech who wanted to get a bassist’s perspective on jazz. He discretely moved back to Miami with it at the end of the spring semester that year and I have not seen it since. I MISS THAT BASS!

  81. Vox Clubman Bass – red of course – 1964. I didn’t keep it for long – as soon as I could afford to, I set out on a succession of Fenders and Gibsons – with one notable exception, an Indie Guitar Co. job. (My current ’70 RI P-Bass is actually the best yet…)

  82. I bought my first bass in 2006. A G&L Tribute L-2000 that I still have and still play as often as I can.

  83. Yeah, it’s a 5 string Cort JP5 signature bass and it’s brilliant. Rather rare these days, hard to come across. Great instrument all the same. All I’ve done to it is get a better set of strings. Everything else is original as far as I’m aware except one screw from one of the pickups because it came out and needed replacing. Big tonal variety and great fun, been using it for nearly 4 years.

  84. My first bass was a 1976 Aria Les Paul short scale (28.5 inches), I bought in used for $100 in 1979 still have it and still play it once in a while. I’ve never seen another one like it.

  85. September 2001 I bought a Squier P-Bass pack. I still have it, although I have changed all the electronics and put on an old 80s Squier II neck, it is still my main bass. I’ve gone through several basses but she’s the one that stays.

  86. A plywood Czech acoustic around 1965. It disappeared with a furious ex-wife in the mid-seventies.

  87. My cousin gave me a japanese made bass that she bought when she was in japan. the brand was a Fernandes it has Jazz and P bass style pickups, and has a real smooth tone. Stopped playing it for a while after I got my jazz bass, but it still gets more playtime than the ibanez sound gear 500. Also painted white F holes on its black body.

  88. Got a rare ibanez ex series five string with Emg’s from 1991 a couple years ago with a fender stack for $100 on craigslist. Best buy of my life

  89. My first Bass was bought by me with money I saved from shining shoes on a Brooklyn street corner in the mid ’60’s. I was 11 years old and my Mom came with me. The name on it was Kent. I paid $75 buck for it, no case and I was in heaven. Bought it from a dinky little music shop that also sold records and tapes under the elevated train in Brooklyn near what would eventually become Woodhull Hospital. It was stolen from me after a boat ride/party my band played on around Manhattan when we were breaking down. I turned my back and it was gone! My second bass was a Fender Precision. My Mom came with me to Manny’s Music on 48th Street as well! Go Mom.

  90. square strato taiwan, selled for a yamaha bass (don’t knok the model, the cheapest one!) with roland ampli from 80’s 50 watts, don’t knok the model, the cheapest one! nowadays: Jazzbass marcus miller jap & Mark bass cube 50. and the yamaha is now freetless, 12 years playing it.

  91. My first bass was a Squier by Fender Affinity Series Precision Bass that was part of a starter pack that I got for Christmas in 2007. The whole kit was around $300. It was a good bass. Unfortunately, the neck got warped and bowed to such a degree that hitting complex note sequences proved almost impossible. Even a truss rod adjustment and a trip to a local shop to fix it didn’t work. I traded it in back on April 29 of this year for an Ibanez SRA305 5-string which was less than $300. Those EMG HZ pickups pack quite a punch even on my Fender Rumble 15 amp!

  92. My first bass was an 1981 ESP JP clone, all blue incuding the fretboard, purchased from the local music shop. The neck had a slight twist but still playable, installed barts in 86, this is a very early ESP SN# 0000304 back when no one knew who or what ESP was. Look at them now,. WOW. Yes I still have it in a box dissassembled, I am missing the nut. I will put it back together someday….

  93. Gibson EBO. Sadly, no longer have it!

    • Not a bass – I play guitar – Silvertone with Amp in the Case bought from Sears – Still have it and it still works ( 39 bucks or so I thinka)

  94. In 1986, I got a job at Tower Records in Honolulu, Hawaii. There was a mistake on my first paycheck so it was larger than it should have been. Being that this was my 1st time working for a major corporation, I thought this was a “welcome to the company” bonus. I cashed my check and immediately ran across the street to “Hot Licks Guitars” and purchased a peach colored Hondo Jazz bass. I still have it today and use it as a musician at the church I go to. It has a great tone and stays in tune like I’ve never seen an instrument stay in tune before! And yes, I had to pay the money back to Tower Records, but it was so worth it!

  95. My first bass was a Harmony H22. It was a hollow body, single cutaway with a huge white pick guard. That pick guard was quickly removed. I sold it after having owned it for two or three years. Sort of wish I still had it. I see that model pop up every now and then.

  96. Kay, I think chambered very lite.P-bass shape, into black Bassman/homemaid 2/15 bottom.

  97. The first bass that I bought – used in 1973 when I was thirteen – was an HB model Gibson EB-0 with 60 W amplifier by Marvin, then resold in 1976 to buy a Fender Jazz 1974 with 80W amp by Peavey; unfortunately I no longer have any of that…
    in compensation last year my wife gave me a Fender Precision American Standard : I started to play again!

  98. Shew, there’s a lot of young ‘uns posting here. My first was a Sears Silvertone, single cutaway bought in 1964 for $25.00 and it was old when I got it. The strings were actually only slightly bigger than a guitar. We had to re-work the tuners and bridge to put new strings on it. Yeah, I wish I still had it along with all the others.

  99. First bass was a sattelite Jazz bass copy…….The pots did nothing, and playing it was like playing 4 telegraph wires on a banana. I had to hammer on so hard that when I bought my first good bass, I had to relearn to play as I was bending the G string off the fretboard! Do I still have it? GOD NO!

  100. First bass was a Hohner B2A with two EMG selects. Was fire engine red. Hated the color so I had the guy that spray paints the company trucks do it over in black. Traded it in back in early ’90’s but since got another added to the collection.

  101. a burns model flyte from 1975… just l open the case l was so emotional!

  102. It was in the early 80´, I was at a school for graphic education in Copenhagen, and in the breaks I went to the local musicstore on the other side of the road. There it was, a wonderfull Fender P-bas, and I bought it for my savings- not cheap but so elegant, classic sunburst. After playing it for some years I traded it for a Navigator Jazz bas…..and I have missed it since, it was a- love at first sight bas ;-) Its the one in the picture, and me as a very young bassplayer in a train, going to a rehearsal.

  103. Washburn Scavenger ’79. Gigged hard and battered. Weighed a ton. It’s in bits now, but still with me.

  104. 1997 Fender MIM Jazz Bass that my Dad bought me for Christmas. I still have it-it is sitting in a tweed hard shell case at either my Mom or Sister’s house.

  105. My brother bought me my first ever bass on my thirteenth birthday. It’s a Westfield four string precision and I still have it seven years later. Don’t get me wrong, the neck is bowed, it plays awfully and I wouldn’t dare record or perform with it but I think I’ll always keep it.

  106. First bass was a red mid-60s Epiphone Newport with a single pickup bought from Seattle Music in 1968. Very easy to play. Joined my first pro band later that year and the guitar player (John Ussery) made me trade it in on a brand new Fender Precision. Hated the P at first, but since then have always had one in my arsenal.

  107. First bass was a Hondo flying V, metallic red with a single select p pickup. Swapped it for a Hohner B2A, still one of my fav basses ever!

  108. Warwick Streamer 4 – in Nirvana Black I think they called it. Decided I like low end stuff so took off the strings, took a file to the nut, and restrung it with a 5 string set, going from.105 to.135 :)

  109. First bass I owned was a 1996 Fender Squier P-Bass. Excellent first bass. Still own it, always will. It lives at my parents house for safe keeping. It’s covered in stickers from my youth and has a lot of chunks out of it from years of being dropped and dragged, gigged it for about 4 years I think. Oh, it also had to put up with me heavily drop tuning it so last time I took it out it the action was like a cello and almost unplayable to me. I decided to take it down and I was pleased to discover it survived without any lasting damage. What a beast!

  110. It was the year 1995, and Primus’ tales of the punchbowl was still kinda big (big for primus anyways) and still getting air play. I heard Whynonas Big Brown beaver and I was like… wtf is that sound. So… long story short after months of chores and what not I got together like 200 bux and bought a used 1992 Ibanez TR PJ. I still have it, but it has no output jack and might need a new truss rod.

  111. Biggest pos I started on, ibanez gsr200fm….bad pickups on one, traded it for another that had a bad neck…brought it back, got full refund and found my Warwick Corvette in the used area & never looked back.

  112. Fender Bullet! HA! I had one of the first 100 made. It was a tree trunk with action an inch high (but I didn’t know any better). I got it when I was 8 (1981) and sold it when I got my 2nd bass (a Pedulla 4 string) in about ’90.

    • Great! The first bass I had was my mothers fiddle I was 7 ;) I bought my first bass myself when I was 13 it was a Legend bass, a copy of a fender jazz, I still have it under my bed, paid £75 for it, still sounds great (:

  113. cort sb10 made in korea..still have it.

  114. 1st bass was a Peavey T-40,real heavy bass had it about a year then traded for a Peavey Foundation

  115. An ESP LTD B-50. LOve that thing still.

  116. My first bass was a Fender P-Bass I bought it at Mom’s Music in Louisville, KY when they were still in their original location in Louisville, KY (crescent hill) walking distance from where I grew up.I bought it for I believe 175.00 in 1997 at their closed door sale, for which you had to be invited to go. It was stolen in early 2008. I was at a bar seeing a friend of mine’s band play. My band had just been recording and practicing near by and I had all my equipment in my friends car for which I transferred to my roommates car. I did not realize it was gone until we got home. I was crushed. But my friend for whom I was seeing that night, I think felt bad I was bass less and sold me his extra 5 string bass, and then also a fret-less bass. So even good can come out of from bad experiences even though it was my first bass, I will never forget it. I hope the drug addict asshole jerk that stole it had a good time, I hope it was worth it to them to steal from me.

  117. My first bass was a Fender P-Bass I bought it at Mom’s Music in Louisville, KY when they were still in their original location in Louisville, KY (crescent hill) walking distance from where I grew up.I bought it for I believe $175.00 in 1997 at their closed door sale, for which you had to be invited to go. It was stolen in early 2008 (I even had new strings and re-tuned and fixed a week before). I was at a bar seeing a friend of mine and his band play. My band had just been recording and practicing near by and I had all my equipment in my friends car for which I transferred to my roommates car, I must have not put it in the car or someone just took the bass and not anything else(it was easiest to carry). I did not realize it was gone until we got home that it was missing. I was crushed. But my friend for whom I was seeing that night, I think felt bad I was bass less and sold me his extra 5 string bass, and then also a fret-less bass. So even good can come out of from bad experiences even though it was my first bass, I will never forget it. I hope the drug addict asshole jerk that stole it had a good time, I hope it was worth it to them to steal from me.It was one of a kind since I had put stickers all over it, if someone tried to pawn it, I could have recognized it right away.

  118. My first bass was a used 59 P-bass. I traded it for a guitar. Dumb ass.

  119. Fender Squire P-Bass. Came right out of the box with a little rumble 15 amp. Even after moving to a 6-String Soundgear, I love the little thing. Every time I pick it up I feel like I’ve regressed to punk. It’s primal and wonderful.

  120. Got a Burgundy Rickenbacker 4001 used back in ’82 for the about $250. Foolishly sold it in LA for $200 in 1992. One of the dumbest things I ever did. Bought a new 4003 in 2003, and I still have that one.

  121. Squier Affinitiy Precision. I still have it mostly because I can’t seem to find anyone who wants to buy it, and I’d rather it not end up in a landfill. got it when I was in 7th grade. tried upgrading it with new pickups and pots but one can only polish a turd so much, am I right?

  122. my first bass was 1971 Dan Armstrong Lucite “See-Through”…sold it (oops) and bought my second bass, a 1976 custom-finish (walnut) Rickenbacker 4001 (sadly thatis long-gone as well…)

  123. I got my Gibson EB-2 (1968 model) in 1973, it is still one of my main Basses :-)

  124. I traded my pokemon cards when I was 14 to someone for my Gibson Epiphone 4 string. Never looked back lol (im 25 now if you were wondering) I still look at that as my transition from youth to adult.

  125. Squier red jazz bass ( so you want to play kit) Stolen last summner.

  126. Bought a used ’63 Jazz Bass in 1965 for $150. Starburst with a thumb rest and pick up cover which I promptly removed. Went through a bunch of vintage Fenders til I found the perfect bass. A ’64 Precision. Still got it.

  127. The Bill Wyman Travis Bean with the aluminum neck (June 1984).

  128. Only instrument I have owned. 1960 Jazz Bass. Bought it used in Salt Lake City in 1968. Still have it.

  129. I got my first bass about 2 years ago, it cost me 65 dollars for both bass and the amp (first act) at a garage sale. I had been playing guitar for a couple years and thought bass would be fun to pick up. When I went home to plug it in though I got shocked terribly bad, to the point where my heart beat was irregular. Thankfully my uncle was there to kick the amp so the cord unplugged. Needless to say, I got a different bass and now playing is my passion. 4 strings > 6.

  130. stienberger by Hohner, small, light, but neck heavy. wouldn’t stay up on its own, and no lap-flap, so you couldn’t sit down with it! had it for almost 20 years, but haven’t played it in over 7 years, moved up to a Schecter.just traded that Hohner/Steinberger last year for a SG400.

  131. Wow. Nice topic. First bass I put my hands on was a El Degas short scale. Horrible bass but I didn’t know better. My friend lent it to me for a weekend. I then managed to get my mom to buy my first bass (with the help of my brother in law) a fantastic cherry burst…wait for it…Samick! I had to choose between that and a 70’s JazzBass with the same price tag! -_-

  132. A 1976 Epiphone ET-280 Shortscale it last year..mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard…fully restored and with modified electronics, fender passive pickups P-J setup..painted satin black…Its my first and only bass till now! love the tone..punchy..and superb wen slapping with the mids scooped! currently has warwick black label light rounds…..a 36 year old bass, but has no signs of age or fatigue or lacking! loving it!

  133. My first bass was a Harmony hollow body double cutaway. Had a mic pickup with a bass/treble switch. My mom bought it for me out of a Spigels catalogue with the amp. Total cost was $189.00 back in 1963. Thanks Mom…and I STILL have it! :)

  134. It was a arita sg copy. In 1978. .it was awful ..but the action was so high. After 3 years of playing with it. I got my gibson grabber and i was really fast on any pro bass. So i guess the arita wasn’t so bad after all.

  135. I purchased my first bass, the one I first learned on, from Brian Guitars in New Haven, CT back in May of 1980. It’s a Black ’79 Music Man Stingray. The last one they had. I actually went there looking for a Fender Jazz, but they had none in stock, and recommended the Stingray to me. That was a recommendation that worked out well for me. It’s a great bass, with a warm tone that sounds great. And I still own it. Just got done playing it about 20 minutes ago actually. heh heh… :)

  136. 1980 – Kramer Bass with the aluminum neck – don’t remember the model number – my parents bought it for me at a music store. It has been beaten and bruised through rock and jazz bands, had a new pickup and some additional elecronics put into it along the way, but I still have it and ocassionally will pull it out to play it.

    • I absolutely remember that bass … And with your long-ass strap it hung at my knees!

    • When you are 6’6″ you have a long strap – still have the black Peavey T40 too!! – Tyler has taken up noodling witht he bass – bought him a cheap one until he gets serious – his primary instrument is french horn but he plays mellophone, trumpet, tuba, baritone, drums and the bass – and he is starting to noodle with Sam’s alto sax – he got my mom’s penchant for music –

  137. First bass was a Fender P-Bass. Still use it for where I teach as a student bass :)

  138. Fender Bullet Bass Deluxe.. Still gots it.

  139. A Jim Harley P-bass copy, hum.. not copy.. “interpretation”… P-Dung… got it for 70$ from a friend’s friend… bah.. it did it’s job..getting me blisters on my left hand… the sound was awful but it would have been easy to play, if the frets were’nt too long… until I got a japanese P Sting Signature… I sold the fender, for a sandberg, but I still have my Jim Harley P-Dung at my mom’s… Un-fretted, un-pickuped, un’wired, un-stringed…

  140. I was a late starter and bought my G&L L-2500 some 4 years ago. I haven’t been able to compare it to many other basses, but the versatlity and the quality are making me feel I have a companion for life. I got an auctioned ’77 Rickenbacker two years ago: super slim neck, dead flatwounds on it which I did not change, very different sound and playability! I have now added a G&L L-1500, which is another great instrument from G&L. I think I’d gladly buy the whole range of G&L basses if I could afford it!

  141. 2001, Yamaha E-Series. Still have it, still play it from time to time.

  142. Yup! A pretty decent P-bass copy made by Fernandes! Since it was an ex-demo, at the music store, I got it with a huge discount (well… my dad bought it for me as a birthday present, if I remember correctly)! And I still have it, although now it’s more of a Frankenstein bass, since I changed its pickups more than once, its bridge (putting a Badass) and a tuner (you guessed it… I’ve put on a D-tuner). But it still rocks!

  143. My dad bought me my first bass when I was seventeen. It was a Yamaha RBX 270, it played like a dream when before a fuse blew in it. I still have it but it has no strings and no input jack.

  144. my first bass is a 4-string Yamaha RBX 270 I think… I went around the store “blind” to see which bass felt right (& I could afford at a salary under the poverty level!) Ended up with this purpleish burgandyish bass, [used, I think], the same color as a 70’s Corvette… I’ve since strung the 4-string from B to D and my fiancee is going to sharpie-art the thing. (she is an amazing artist) I can’t wait to see it when it’s done! I love playing that thing as much as I love playing my Carvin custom 6-string!

  145. Hagstrom H II B from 1966. I still have it and it works fine.

  146. 1980 – Bought a Gibson EBO copy for $100, and then spent the summer learning to play bass by practicing along to Bruce Thomas’s lines on Elvis Costello’s Get Happy album, and Jah Wobble’s distinctly different style on PiL’s Metal Box. Kept it but rarely used it as I was always playing six-string in local bands, and when I switched full time to bass a number of years later I chose better quality instruments. I still had it until earlier this year, when I gave it to my oldest son, who’d picked up bass while stationed in Germany with the Army, but didn’t have a bass of his own.

    • By just sight skimming the link, I thought it said your first bass, as in fish. I thought why would Jim be into fishing, and also, why would I still have it? Not awake yet.

    • A Black Jack Hofner Beatle bass knock-off…traded it for a Kay…eventually graduated to the P bass…still play the P’s…

    • Aria 5 string. Put in EMG’s, still have it, still play it. Still dream about a Rickenbacker 4001 though

    • I think I’d rather have one of Rick’s 5-string Cheyennes – even though it’s now discontinued – and preferably in green.

    • My very first instrument was an Epiphone EB-0 but I quickly learned to dislike it simply because it offered more or less the opposite of what I grew to learn to want from a bass, but having none of that knowledge back then and a tight budget but being eager to get playing something, it’s what I ended up with. Needless to say I don’t have it any more. I can appreciate what it did offer in hindsight, but it’s not for me haha

  147. A dean metal man ML, don’t have it traded it as a down payment on a Sterling by ernie ball.

  148. yamaha rbx 200 i still have it xD

  149. My first was a pearl bone white Kingston Precision in 1989. I lost it several years later. It was really cool looking.

  150. 1972 – a black Arai (I hope I am writing the name correct, it was a Japanese factory) sort of copy of a Rickbacker model 370, but factory-build as a bassguitar. Included a dempening thing on the bridge. I only played it via an old radio. Shortly after that I bought a black Ibanez (Fender) Jazzbass copy. Sounded great. I eventually took the frets out, which also sounded great.

  151. A wonderful B-55 ESP bass, still have and play it, great instrument but I can’t wait to have my new Fender American Standard Jazz Bass!

  152. I remember my japanese sunburst Rickenbacker copy well. It picked up AM radio stations, a local San Fran sports station if I remember right. Got to hear Giants games while I practiced in the late 80s. :)

  153. definatly who wouldn’t keep there first bass its there beggining of learning to love the bass I mostly play my thunderbird now but I still have my squier j bass and I will allways keep it there’s nothing like your first bass u allways remember how it felt and sounded and how acomplished u feel when u klearn your first scale or song or anything and that bass will hold more memories then it will ever be worth in dollars.

  154. My first bass was a hollow body no-name copy of a Hofner violin bass. I had it for about three years. The neck broke off when it fell after I had walked away from it after leaning it against the amp. My next bass was a Musicman Stingray. I had that for 6 years then it got stolen.

  155. A blue Hagstrom of the swimming pool type. Still have it!

  156. Got it for Christmas from my parrnts in 1985 or 86. It was a Hondo and came with a 50 watt (I think) Randall combo amp. I sold it to get a Cort headless bass.

  157. I was in Stuttgart, Germany as an Army Brat in 1978. I saved money for an entire summer working a summer hire job at $1.90 an hour buffing floors, cleaning latrines, and a lot of outdoor work as well, to buy a short scale solid body Hofner that was in a PX. (Like a department Store for military people) The bass was listed at $135.00. A fortune for a 15 year old. I ended up with half the money. No bass. I went home from work one evening and my parents were acting a bit strange. I went to my room, and on my bed was the Hofner Bass. They bought it for me. I still have it.

  158. Rickenbacker 4003 blonde. Still have it, still play it, just changed out the pick ups for some Basslines direct replacements. Feels great – sounds AMAZING.

  159. A green Sonatone JR. yeeeears ago, 1985 there about. Bought it used. I was in heaven with it! I remember been sick at home with fever, laying in bed with this bass next to me. I had it for like a year until I got my Fender Precision. Sold it to another kid about my same age. I remember he came with his dad to my place to buy it. His eyes were lite with emotion when he held it for the first time just like mine did when I got it for the first time. I wish I still had it, for the memories…

  160. My first bass was a Fender P-bass knockoff with horrible electronics and a neck that was so bent there was an inch gap between the 5th fret and the strings. I don’t have it, sold it for 80 bucks then bought an Ibanez SR200.

  161. A Kleira (sp?) I bought back in 1964… got rid of it a few latter when I picked up my Gibson EB-2 in 1967. No idea what happened to the first bass but still have the Gibson.

  162. First bass was when I changed from drums when a band couldn’t find a bass player, it was about 1977 and I picked up a white Series A with Roto-Sound fret killer strings. In about 1988 I then picked up a ’77 Fender Jazz 4 string which I used for a lot of years. In about 1997 I then picked up a new Ibanez 5 string, then I picked up the bass I use now in 2011 and love it the best, a Dingwall Combustion fan fret 5 string. The only one I still have is the Dingwall.

  163. Well, technically a black Synsonics bass from J.C. Penny. I don’t normally count it, although that is probably unfair. I count my old 1996 Ibanez SR300. Black, 4-string, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, PJ passive. Still have both of them!

  164. Ibanez BTB custom , on 2009, bought it for just about $55 because I was mad about Macca’s singing note on the Beatles. How he can make a song within a song.

    Already sold it and bought Jazz Bass, now I’m crazy about Jaco’s line! wonder what comes next… hmm

  165. A 1992-3 Epiphone Accu Bass. I still have it! I got it as a present from my husband when I was pregnant with my daughter.

  166. 1986 Harmony Jazz bass. Candy apple red. 4-string. Still have it, but it’s my drop-C tuned bass now. I have four basses – a black Archer 5-string, a black Rogue 8-string, and my newest addition, a blue Starfire fretless 6-string. Might get a 12-string later.

  167. earlie 70s crown… ebo copy still have it with earnie ball tape wound red strings on it..original…try to find that one in a picture. I have had no luck at all.

  168. My first Bass was a Peavey Milestone 3. My parents bought it for me Christmas 2002. If not for them I wouldn’t have been able to afford one until I was old enough to work. It was a great bass, set up like a jazz with a great thin neck. I abused that one for over 4 years before I finally sold it to a new starter.

  169. Gibson EB0, slotted head.

  170. Ibanez SR Sdgr four string, deep Blue. Pretty cool bass, cooler than me at the time! xD
    I still have it, and I still play it sometimes.

  171. Apollo violin shaped bass, complete with scroll headstock. Gold hardware, very, very shiny finish. Sounded like mammoth farts, except with less clarity. I replaced it with an EBO, which sounded much better, even with flats on it.

  172. First bass that was actually considered mine, was a squier precision bass. Getting into the whole punk scene form the 70’s. Traded it for an ibanez short scale. Still have the ibanez + 4 other basses and 4 guitars.

  173. A used Squier p-bass that had a jazz neck on it. I’ve replaced the stock pickups with some DiMarzio Split P’s, and I installed a DiMarzio Ultra Jazz single coil at the bridge position (my profile picture is actually me with the router doing that). It used to sound like poop, now it kills!

  174. 1st bass I bought with my with my own money is Washburn T-25 with Serial NV03080429.
    * 5 strings.
    * Stained mahogany body.
    * Maple/mahogany multi laminate neck thru body.
    * Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay.
    * Grover die cast bass tuners.
    * 24 frets.
    * 34″ scale.
    * Passive J style pickups.
    I still have it and uses it for a routine practice at home and some gigs. All stock and no changes nor alterations made.

  175. An Ibanez Gio that I gmy mom got me used for $48. I still have it and I always will.

  176. Fender Jazz Bass Sunburst 1967 Wish I still had it.

  177. My Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass that I bought on my own, after months of saving money xD But now I can say that it made me proud of my decision, it totally worth it, it brought me and is still bringing incredible moments.

  178. A short-scale Heit Deluxe (black with tortoiseshell pickguard) bought from a friend for $10, in 1980. Quickly upgraded to black 1978 Fender Musicmaster, which I wish I still had.

  179. A short-scale Heit Deluxe (sunburst with black pickguard) bought from a friend for $10, in 1980. Quickly upgraded to black 1978 Fender Musicmaster, which I wish I still had.

  180. Tiesco DelRay. My friend did a great spider web paint job on it. Wish I still had it.

  181. Peavey Fury V, with passive pickups and the active preamp. It was quilted maple with a nice sunburst finish…I had Peavey’s for my first few basses. My first 6 string bass was an Ibanez SDGR with the 2 band active eq, I swapped that out for a 3 band and put a 3 way switch where the pickup blend was. Now those are all gone and I have a Schecter Stiletto Studio 6, with the EMG’s and 18v pre, and a fretless 1983 Ibanez Roadstar II, vintage white with maple fretboard (de-fretted), and I had the jazz p/u swapped out for a Mighty Mite passive humbucker.

  182. 1974 Gibson SB-350 short scale, natural finish. No case – $250 brand new at Markham’s Music in Erie, PA. Was auditioning for a bass gig (I was a guitar player) & needed a bass. Keith Veshecco let me borrow the Gibson & if I got the gig I could buy it or bring it back if I didn’t. Thanks Keith, got the gig, never looked back!

    • I’d be happy to pay $250 to get it back – I sold it when I got my ’65 Jazz bass

    • I sold it to buy the Jazz – $150!!!

    • I traded Keith a Statocaster for a Tele when he worked at Markham’s in the early 80’s.

    • My first electric guitar was 1967 Silvertone which was I think the last year that Dan Electro made the Silvertone guitars for Sears. It had the lipstick pickups and wooden bridge. I wish I still had it but not bad enough to pay what it goes for now.

    • Do you still have your Les Paul from High School? The blonde one?

    • Alas…I sent it back to Gibson & had it converted to a “Custom” in 1972 – Humbuckers, tune-o-matic, speed knobs, ebony board – it was beautiful, except they got the finish wrong. Instead of the original Lime Oak stain from ’58, it came back opaque Kawasaki green…I sold it & that guy had it refinished white. It was stolen in L.A. after that…

    • Keith Veshecco sold me a bass. Gave it to my boyfriend for our 1st Valentine’s Day….

  183. A Hohner B 2 A, a paddle similar to the Steinberg ones. Still have it. It`s indestructible.

  184. A Kasuga short scale 4 string – a Japanese copy of a Gibson EB0, made from plywood, given to me in Tokyo by musician friends of my Dad’s. I was a 13 year old sax player up until then, and never dreamed of becoming a bassist. That instrument changed my life! I still have a picture of the exact moment my life changed – when the guy who gave it to me was taking it out of the case to give to me, as I had my sax strapped around me neck, unaware of what was really about to happen.

  185. Samick Corsair CR1 3 with a deep orange sunburst with the wood grain poking through. It’s been a reliable bass over the past seven years. Bought it during my Senior year of High School and learned everything I know on it. I will never sell. I ended up buying a second bass. A 5 string Dean with an Amber finish. It was beautiful. I had to sell it to make rent one month back in Pensacola. I made $50 profit but….BUT! I miss it. Besides my Samick being cheaper and not worth selling to make ends meet, I wouldn’t have sold it anyway. Like I said, I learned everything on that axe.

  186. An Ibanez GSR205. Got it for my 15th birthday (thanks mom!). It’s a competent bass, very lightweight and has a comfortable neck, perfect for live situations as it’s not too hard on your back compared to other 5 string basses, but things can get a little muddy on the B string. Since then I got two other basses, but I’ll always keep this one. It brings me many good memories. I might change the pups and defret it some day, though.

  187. I’m guessing it was around 1993 and it was a used, black Carvin LB75 I picked up from Sam Ash in White Plains, NY for about $450, I think. Sounded great and I had it for at least 7 or 8 years before selling it to my cousin and replacing it with a brand new Carvin XB75P. Believe it or not, the tone on the new, tricked-out one never compared to the old one, so I sold that one. My cousin still has it and absolutely loves it. But I’m pretty happy now with my Carvin SB5000. ;)

  188. 1977 (or 78) Fender Jazz, blond, natural finish, big rectangular Mother of pearl inlays in the frets, received as a HS graduation present. Still have it, still play it.

  189. first bass – my father’s 1962-1963 Kay electric. yes, I still have it! the first one I bought myself is a 1983 Fender Bullet bass in the walnut finish. yep – still have that one, too!

  190. Ibanez, probably late 70’s. White Precision model with P and J (bridge) pickups. Never should have sold it.

  191. My first bass and amp was a 77′ Fender Precision white with a maple neck and a Yamaha 115B amp. Still have the amp, traded the bass a long, long time ago. I did get a 81′ Rick 4001 and a 86′ Hamer Blitz bass. I still have both of those. I have and ESP 204 Fretless and a Yamaha RBX 765 5 string which I love. I hope to get a Dingwall when I can pay cash for a new one.

    • I would give damn near anything to have that Fender back. I’m not a fan of maple fretboards, but I would still like to have it back.

  192. Epiphone Viola… Dug the Sir Paul-ish vibe and thumpy sound… Sold it when I got my Birdsong Corto… I do miss it sometimes…

  193. First bass, a 1963 Kent, made in Japan. Followed closely by a 1964 P-Bass. I have neither now. A couple of years ago I was able to score a nice all original 1972 P-Bass on Ebay that looks exactly like my ’64.

  194. Heck yeah!
    I’m playing it ( started playing for about 4 months now ). It’s a Cruzer Crafter active bass with 2 Jazz bass pickups. I have to say that I’m quite impressed with it, knowing that I’ve paid about 130 $ for a full set (bass + strap + gig bag), anyway I’m hoping for best, and try to get there with my little bass.

  195. A Series10 P-Bass replica bought for me as a gift in 1994. Still have it. Changed out the pups for real Fender P-Bass pups (1967 reissue). PBass sound and looks for more than half the price. Still gets played on some shows.