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Basso Ridiculoso Releases The Book of Triads

The Book of TriadsThe Book of Triads, a new instructional e-book on triad exercises, is available for download for use with a Kindle, iOS device and desktop.

The book contains 80 exercises covering all the diatonic triads available in the key of C. Each is written for two octaves in musical notation as well as tablature.

“Triads get overlooked sometimes, especially in this world of extended chords containing altered 11ths and 13ths” explains author Basso Ridiculoso. “But a lot of players that are considered to have a modern sound actually use triad-based techniques like triad pairs or hexatonics to get that sound. And as far creating a solid bass line is concerned, triads are the very foundation for outlining harmonies in a strong way. The Book of Triads will get you elbow deep in all the triad possibilities found in the major scale for either solos or walking lines.”

The Book of Triads Examples:

Exercise 17: Root Position, 5th Below Root – Ascending:

The Book of Triads - Exercise 17

Exercise 59: First Inversion Open – Retrograde Ascending:

The Book of Triads - Exercise 59

The Book of Triads is available now for $9.99.

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