Ben Harper, Jackson Browne and Tal Wilkenfeld: “Steal My Kisses” Live

When I found out this video existed (much less the performance), I was highly jealous of the entire audience who was able to witness it (Ben Harper + Tal Wilkenfeld!) Luckily, someone in the audience was able to capture it for the rest of us.

In this video, Harper, Jackson Browne and Tal perform Harper’s “Steal My Kisses”, which originally featured the funky Juan Nelson on bass. But for this performance, Tal shows her funky side, including a nice little bass solo break. The performance took place on September 19, 2011.

As we reported last week, Tal is working on a new album, with some help from Browne.

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  1. Lorne Dosogne

    Hey JJ, didn’t you yousta play this with Bellyrash?

  2. Good video…I wish (again) that bass solos were as high in the mix as guitar solos. Pet peeve number one.

  3. Tal is sO one with her bass. I just LOVE her.

  4. Stealing the show as usual…go Tal!!

  5. for a minute…I thought she was going to break it down with a Jackson 5’s Give me One More Chance. She is BaddAss!

  6. How does one get a tone like that from this bass? SICK
    P.S. I have that bass.

  7. Dirty Harry

    Someone in the audience is having multiple orgasms.