Damian Erskine Releases “Live at Portland State University”

Damian Erskine: Live at Portland State UniversityDamian Erskine has released Live at Portland State University, a new album featuring a performance of his band, The Damian Erskine Project.

The quartet, made up of Erskine on bass, Reinhardt Melz on drums, Ben Darwish on piano and John Nastos on tenor sax, performed the set for students of the university, in what they classify as “Weird Jazz”.

“This recording captures the raw approach of this lineup,” Erskine posted. “…never striving for perfection necessarily, but rather striving for that next level of interactivity and rhythmic exploration.”

Preview and download Live at Portland State University:

Live at Portland State University Track List:

  1. Bestowal
  2. Who By Now
  3. Light
  4. Fif
  5. To the Rest
  6. 50 Out of 1

Editor’s note: Damian is a regular No Treble contributor.

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