Providence Introduces Provolt 9 Power Supply

Providence Provolt 9 Power SupplyProvidence has introduced the Provolt 9, a compact power supply with six 9 volt outputs, each output giving up to 100mA. The box features an auto voltage controller, which supplies the ideal output for each device you connect to it. Providence says even a brand new battery can vary from 9.4 to 9.8 volts, causing noticeable, albeit small change in sound quality. The Provolt 9 provides a consistent 9.6 volts DC to your pedals.

The device also has a short protection and auto recovery, effectively safeguarding its internal circuitry should a short occur while maintaining power to the other outputs. Once the short is resolved, the affected output automatically resumes normal activity.

Providence Provolt 9 Power Supply - side viewsThe Providence Provolt 9 has a retail price of £159 (~$252 USD). For more info, visit the Providence website.

Providence Provolt 9 Power Supply:

  • Short Protection and Auto Recovery
  • Auto Voltage Controller
  • Double Filtering for Refined Sound
  • Star Grounding
  • Input: DC12V
  • Output: DC9V x 6 (100mA each, max.)
  • 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connectors (jacks)
  • Polarity: Center minus (-)

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