Bass Play-Along Week: Grant Smith’s Version of James Jamerson’s Line on “For Once In My Life”

Editor’s note: Bass play-along week continues! If you have one you’d like to submit (by you or someone else), send it to [email protected].

Today’s play-along is Grant Smith’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life,” a tune that features a masterfully crafted bass line from the imagination of the late, great James Jamerson.

Smith, who plays it on a Kens Smith 6-string, picked the song as his first in a series of videos for its complexity and beauty.

“It is a non-repetitive bass line which carefully outlines and weaves around the vocal line while carefully laying down the groove,” he explains. “I encourage you to sing along with Stevie Wonder and listen to the bass line as it plays with the vocals. This is a master piece and one of my own favorite musical pieces.”

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  1. Pebbles Willekes

    and that… ladies and gentlemen, is why (electric) bass is the most incredible instrument in the universe. Makes me fall in love with bass all over. :0)

  2. awesome bass line. I think ALL bass players should get some Jamerson under the fingers. It will improve your playing in any genre.

  3. Great playing on a super classic track. Thanks Grant!

  4. James Jamerson put down some of the most melodic lines in history, and this sure is one of them.

  5. Hey..its Grant. Thank you for your kind words. James Jamerson is the King of groove..