Bass Play-Along Week: Adrian Bartol’s John Mayer/Pino Palladino “Who Did You Think I Was?” Bass Play-Along

Editor’s note: Bass play-along week continues! If you have one you’d like to submit (by you or someone else), send it to [email protected].

Bassist Adrian Bartol sends us his bass play-along of John Mayer’s live recording of “Who Did You Think I Was?”, which also includes Jimi Hendrix’s “Power of Soul” at the end.

In the original, Pino Palladino really lays it down. Adrian did a note-for-note transcription of Pino’s bass line, and nails it himself.

Adrian is playing on his new Fender Precision Reissue ’62 custom, and says “I recorded it just one time, and here it is… Not a perfect take, but it was fun anyway!”

Fun indeed! Thanks Adrian.

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  1. Basso Ridiculoso

    sick. Nailed it, dude. Molto Ridiculoso!

  2. Nice, funky without stepping all over the rest of the song. Very Pino-like.

  3. LOVE IT… great job!

  4. Anyway to snag a copy of the transcription?

  5. Yes, a transcription would be awesome!

  6. Anyone find a written transcription of this?