Li’nard, “The Best Bass Guitarist in NYC”: Live Bass Solo

When we saw the title of this video (“The Best Bass Guitarist in NYC”), we of course had to check it out.

And Li’nard blew us away.

The video description went on to say, “Li’nard is a New York City legend. He is recognized as a genius in the art of dynamic, live performance and as a versatile bass guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer of exceptional artistic standards.”

Li’nard has performed all of Manhattan’s top clubs including the Blue Note, the Bitter End, Nells, S.O.B.s and Terra Blues.

Readers, have you ever seen Li’nard perform?

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  1. Charles Hoernemann

    Wicked. Stunning. Awesome.

  2. Yeah! And he is a nice guy too! He plays pretty regularly at The Groove in NYC. It’s always worth checking him out… He also sings. The drummer on the gig, Dean James is incredible…

  3. The Best Bass Guitarist in NYC? Hmmmm… have all the other bass players been banned from the city? He may be good, but the Best? I don’t think so. Unless you can hang with Riichard Bona, Victory Bailey or Victor Wooten you’re second rate no matter what state you’re in.