Jaco Pastorius Big Band: Three Views of a Secret, Live

One of the greatest tunes ever composed, and no stranger to Jaco Pastorius fans.

Continuing our celebration of Jaco’s birthday today, enjoy:

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  1. Marcelo Giaccardi

    Hoy cumplirías 60 si hubieses podido mantenerte de pie frente a todo lo que los grandes artistas por lo general se ven expuestos… FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS MAESTRO MUSICAL!

  2. Scott Macleod

    Your music lives on in our hearts.Happy Birthday Jaco and thank you.


  4. Still speechless when I hear him play.

    • Met Jaco years ago in Ft. Lauderdale. Awesome bass player. He used to sit in at a jazz jam, periodically at the tike bar on Sunday afternoons. My girlfriends and I would take our kids to the pool, have a drink, and listen to awesome music. No wonder my son is a bass player…. RIP, Jaco.

    • I was lucky in my lifetime to see him live several times and it influenced me even as a guitarist immensely…. the soul drenched vibrato and intense melody aside from monster “Charlie Parker” like chops…. he had it all and genius on top of that…. “A Remark You Made” always resonates within my sub-conscious….

    • I was lucky to see him several times too. Funny how it wasn’t up at Berklee though-always in the NYC area. One time it was jsut him and a keys-we were so close we could hear his nails hit the strings.

  5. Haunting tune, said to be written for Ingrid, may she rest in peace.

  6. JACO is a Wonderful Spirit in this Material World… Ciao Jaco, we Love You! ;-) mm65