Reader Spotlight: David Daw

David DawMeet David Daw, a bassist from Kingston, NY who also owns a studio, repairs instruments and even raises Great Danes. David is our bassist in the spotlight for December 6, 2011.


I have been playing bass 30 years. I play 4- and 5- string MTD’s, exclusively since 1994.

Starting in the early 80’s, I played in heavy metal bands, taking a breaking the 90’s for a run with a band called Ivory Rose into the mid 2000’s. Ivory Rose was a female-fronted act with a Melissa Etheridge-style edge.

After building my own studio, Darkworld, in Kingston, NY, and after a few failed attempts at putting together a good solid rock act, I have finally settled into my new band, Antidote 8. Antidote 8 is a modern hard rock/metal band with a emphasis on bringing back the guitar hero! Lots of “meaningful” guitar leads, big hooks, solid bass and drums, plus great vocals.

I am also a gear addict and forever chasing the perfect tone. I have found the perfect instrument, as my Mtd’s are simply the best available. Micheal Tobias figured out perfect tone and playability many years ago, yet somehow continues to improve it. MTD4LYFE!


Kingston, NY

Day gig:

Darkworld Studio, guitar repairs and raising Great Danes!

Years experience:

30 years.

Bands & Gigs:

I play with Antidote 8 from Kingston, NY.


  • MTD USA Saratoga 5 with Hipshot Tremolo (Main Bass)
  • MTD USA Saratoga 4 with Hipshot Tremolo
  • MTD USA 535 Myrtle Burl
  • MTD USA 435 ASH/ash/ash
  • MTD USA 4 string Amoeba with Hipshot Tremolo
  • MTD USA Prototype with reverse headstock
  • MTD Designed Lakland skyline hollow body
  • SWR 900 and 1500 Heads
  • SWR 6×10, 8×8, 2×10,1×15 and 8 x10 Goliath series cabs.
  • Genz Benz 11.0
  • Ampeg B-15
  • Many, many pedals! I am a pedal junkie, care of Kevin Bolembach of Godlyke Distributing
  • I also collect a wide variety of guitars, basses and studio gear. I’m a huge Charvel fan, and have a large collection of basses and guitars.

Why I play the bass:

My uncle constantly played The Brothers Johnson, The Police and Michael Jackson when I was growing up, and I was fascinated with the bass. Then I saw KISS on TV, and knew I wanted to be a rock star. By the time Van Halen hit the streets, it was over for me. My mom’s friend was selling her sons bass and helped me get it (it was a black Fender Musicmaster).

My influences

The Brothers Johnson, KISS, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Jaco Pastorius, TOOL, Stu Hamm and Motley Crue.

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  1. Michael Wu

    Daw and his band Antidote 8 rock! Check ’em out!

  2. David Daw

    Thank you for the article! Sorry I never saw when this was posted!

  3. Dave is a solid player and a really good guy. He’s always looking to help out other musicians and bands. It’s great to see him get a spotlight.