Philip Smith: Funky Bass Scratch Track

Bassist Philip Smith posts these awesome “scratch tracks” with some great grooves. This one, simply titled “Funky Bass Scratch Track”

Philip says, “This is a scratch track (mistakes and all) for a tune I’m putting together. Let me know what you think. Maybe I can do a colab or something with some tasteful YouTube drummers and guitarists out there.”

Drop Philip a note in the comments and let him know what you think (and if you can recommend someone to collaborate with him).

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  1. John O'Flaherty

    That’s some damn fine inspiration that put a big smile on my face. Thanks Brother!

  2. Matty Bryson

    Smoove! I dig it!

  3. Brandon Adams


  4. Doug Howell

    Great sound. I really like your movements in your passages. You’re playing a lite lead line, and still supplying the rhythm to it. Nice chording. Great piece.

  5. Josh Bouwhuis

    “scratch track”? This is delicious.

  6. Love it! Do you know Electro Deluxe? The bass line of “Staying Alive” make me think of yours. But don’t worry your theme make the difference. Nice one!!! Smooth and Groovy. To listen again and again…..

  7. You have a wonderful sense of groove and melody. Looking forward to hearing more! And that tone….NICE!

  8. This goes beyond mere technique, imho. I’d be lookin’ for a vocalist (or rapper) collaborator, though :-)

  9. …. it’s my aeroplane!!

  10. Man you Groove! That Pedula sounds so clean.

  11. Nice. This can go ‘as is’ as far as I’m concerned but dubbing in a nice guitar vamp/short solo along with a sax element may be nice icing? Good work!

  12. Nice. This can go ‘as is’ as far as I’m concerned but dubbing in a nice guitar vamp/short solo along with a sax element may be nice icing? Good work! BTW Philip, what’re you using to create your drum tracks?

  13. This makes me want to go have great sex. I love the line and the phrasing especially when you were laying a nice lead over the rhythm pattern. great job!

  14. I waiting for the CD! A Smooth and Funky Groove could listen to it all day long ” THANKS FOR SHARING.

  15. Cool. Best wishes, and Merry Christmas. Mike Pedulla makes some fine basses.

  16. loved it the way it was.

  17. Lovely… warm, melodic, impelling while still cool-funky! Nice balance.
    I’d like to hear you do some Bass-Duet work with that firecracker, Bill Clements. Lemme know if u need hookup.

  18. Allen Lind

    I would love to do a collaboration! I’m a drummer and have a great studio and can come up with GREAT drum tracks, any style! Check out my latest groups release for some drumming examples. If interested email me!

  19. Allen Lind

    Oh… I also recorded all that music.

  20. Wally Messer

    Excellent. I especially like how a good groove is present through out. There a ton of bass solo-adge out there now – but most of those guys/gals should probably carry a second bass player to the gig with them to hold down the groove. This is all around good. Just get yourself a percussionist and hit the road/studio.