Jason Newsted Reunites with Metallica for 30th Anniversary Celebration

Jason NewstedDuring the first night of their 30th Anniversary concerts last week, Metallica brought Jason Newsted back for a special guest appearance. Newsted, who left the band in 2001, was introduced by singer James Hetfield as “someone who lived with us, and toured with us and did stuff with us for 14 years.”

The band then kicked into “Harvester of Sorrow,” with both Newsted and current bassist Robert Trujillo jamming along.

“Okay, here it is: two bass players. My worst nightmare!,” Hetfield jested. (More like a dream to us.)

Newsted joined Metallica after Cliff Burton’s untimely death in 1986, and played on every album from …And Justice for All to S&M. His abrupt departure from the group was documented in the documentary Some Kind of Monster.

Newsted has since gotten into art and focusing on his latest project, Papa Wheelie.

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  1. Michael Hathaway

    That was straight up amazing. They definitely recorded the last show (Brian Slagel posted pictures of the posters), but the fact that Lars has a drum cam going makes me hope that they recorded all four.

  2. Lar Newman

    Once again, and in keeping with the spirit of “and Justice for all….”, you can barely make out anythink Jason is playing. Heltfield is just about holding the vocals together these days too. Jason’s better off doing his own thing now anyway, at least that has some creative integrity.

  3. They still soooooo suck now. Was a huge fan of Robert Trujillo until he got with these chumps.

  4. Yep Robert was the shit until he jumped in with these corperate blowhards, Jason needs HIS thing, because the animosity still seeps deeep, its what they do to people,…Dave, Jason, will Robert be next too?

  5. I’m not trying to be rude here but I think after Cliff passed on, Metallica was finished.
    There is no musical depth to them anymore.
    They don’t have a fresh sound like the older material.
    I can still listen to the first 3 albums now and still get my ass kicked.
    It is good to see them getting along though.